By: Stacy Leidwinger, CMO, Goliath Technologies

Measure Citrix or VMware Horizon Usage

As someone who has worked remotely for the past 10 years, I know more often than not my days start sooner than most in the office and end later as I have no commute to worry about. And while I suspect 80-90% of remote workers operate this way, there is always that 10% who are taking advantage of their newly found freedom. And this is why, as employers open up the option to work from home, it raises this concern: are my employees really working?

End-User Productivity Reports

With the right tools to measure end-user activity, determining if employees are working or not is not a hard question to answer. Here at Goliath, we offer a standard out-of-the box report, End-User Productivity Report, that tracks how many hours an end-user was interacting within their Citrix session and how much time they were inactive (see Figure 1). One metric we highlight is Max Inactivity as it identifies longest period of time the user was inactive in the system, indicating the highest period of time they were not working during their session. This report is intended to give business line managers empirical evidence about their employee’s work habits while working from home.

Figure 1: The end-user productivity report tracks how many hours an end-user was interacting within their Citrix session and how much time they were inactive (i.e. not working).  The % Interaction metric is the percentage of the duration time that the user was interacting within the system..

All Goliath reports offer historical views into trends over time. This means that should someone’s performance start dropping over time, a manager could look into their activity history and see if there is any correlation around performance and time spent actively working.

Few want to be big brother, but for any organization their most valued asset is their people. And in order to support macrotrends promoting a more flexible workstyle or the Coronavirus Pandemic enforcing work from home, there is increased need to have tools that can help identify when the amount of time dedicated to working is impacting overall performance.

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