“Every morning, I use Goliath to set the stage for my day. The software proactively monitors events, conditions, and failure points 24/7/365 to help solve end user experience issues. It even alerts me before users are impacted.” 

Aaron Hilton, System Administrator at Central Maine Healthcare

The Challenge: Troubleshooting Citrix Performance Issues Exhausts IT Support

I’ve received so many tickets where I would spend hours troubleshooting four or more applications to try and find what was causing the latency when it was connection speed all along,” shares Aaron Hilton, a system administrator at Central Maine Healthcare system.  Aaron is one of the main points of contact for resolving Citrix tickets, and the lack of visibility into the Citrix delivery infrastructure caused him to be reactive instead of proactive. “It took so much time to react to complaints that I didn’t have time or data to isolate the root cause and resolve the underlying issues that were actually causing the Citrix and Cerner performance issues.” Central Maine’s IT team needed a solution that would allow them to become proactive and reduce performance issues that were causing clinician frustration.