Goliath Offers End User Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software, with Embedded Intelligence and Automation

Philadelphia, PA – June 4, 2020Goliath Technologies, a leader in end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, announced today a new partnership with Virtual Network Cyber Systems, Inc. (VNC Systems) to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document its customers’ end user experiences regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located.

As an IT technology and service provider, VNC Systems’ mission is to help agencies within the federal government expand their digital footprint by implementing and architecting plans for broader cloud adoption, application rationalization, and overall workforce training. One of the challenges VNC Systems’ President, Julius Crawford, sees throughout many agencies is the lack of resources to successfully execute and support these new initiatives – especially as they relate to ongoing support for Citrix or VMware Horizon environments. This is why he sought out a purpose-built technology that would intelligently monitor potential events, conditions, and failure points across hybrid infrastructures to alert IT teams when performance issues occurred, provide detailed metrics to troubleshoot issues quickly, and resolve with permanent fix solutions.

There are not enough Citrix or VMware experts out there to support the number of implementations,” said Crawford. “In order to best support our clients, we needed to find a technology that was simple and intuitive enough that it would enable a Windows administrator to do basic block and tackling to support the end user experience within a Citrix or VMware Horizon environment. Goliath’s real-time experience metrics combined with historical reports bridged this gap, ensuring agencies could be more self-sufficient and eliminate the need to hire a full-time, certified troubleshooting expert.”

VNC Systems needs a solution to support an ongoing trend they are seeing where agencies are having greater focus and investment around measuring both end user productivity as well as their overall experience. With many employees working from home due to COVID-19, agencies are looking for better ways to identify and track inactivity. Goliath’s End User Productivity Report tracks how much time within a session a worker is active or inactive.

“Of equal importance is having visibility into the overall end user experience,” shared Crawford. “As our clients move workloads to the cloud, they want to understand if the end user experience is being impacted and has performance improved or declined. The insights Goliath provides enable VNC to easily communicate the value of IT services to government agency stakeholders, directly correlating how investments into the infrastructure and end user experience result in cost savings and higher productivity from their workers.”

“We at Goliath are excited to partner with VNC Systems and offer end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software that has embedded intelligence and automation to their customers, replacing the need of deep Citrix expertise,” says Karen Armor, SVP of Worldwide Sales for Goliath Technologies. “Part of my commitment to joining Goliath was to focus strategically on our channel expansion. VNC Systems represents another step in this direction as collectively we help those in the federal government manage, monitor, and report on the end user experience regardless of where IT workloads or users are located.”

About Virtual Network Cyber Systems

Virtual Network Cyber Systems, Inc. (VNC Systems) is a certified Veteran-Owned (VOSB) business that focuses on empowering the digital workspace delivering Cloud Solutions and Cybersecurity. Our unique ability to economically build the foundation to achieve enterprise architecture and infrastructure maturity requires managing customers’ needs to implement new systems and business processes without disrupting daily operations.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies offers end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, with embedded intelligence and automation, that enables IT pros to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located. By doing so, Goliath helps IT break out of reactive mode, and into proactive mode. Customers include Universal Health Services, NorthBay Healthcare, Penn National Insurance, American Airlines, Tech Mahindra, Pacific Life, Xerox, HCL, and others. Learn more about how we empower proactive IT at goliathtechnologies.com.