[Watch] Citrix Director Comparison

You can’t troubleshoot what you can’t see. Visibility is critical when monitoring and troubleshooting complex Citrix environments because there are many factors outside of Citrix that impact end user experience. Goliath Performance Monitor closes those gaps by providing:

  • Broad and Deep Visibility: Goliath sees the entire delivery infrastructure – not just Citrix.
  • Embedded Intelligence and Automation: We show you what to monitor and how to monitor it for over 250 failure points.
  • Early Warning System: Proactively test the entire delivery infrastructure from your most critical locations – automatically.

Click on the images below to enlarge. Visualize the gaps in monitoring with Citrix Utilities alone, contrasted with the end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting visibility provided by Goliath Technologies:

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“Without a doubt, there is no comparison between the level of detail found in Goliath Performance Monitor and other tools.”

George Spiers, Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

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