Best Practices for Upgrading to Citrix 7.x

How to Troubleshoot End User Experience Issues and Identify Root Case During your Upgrade

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or in the middle of a phased roll-out, our free migration guide – written for IT professionals by two Citrix Virtualization Experts – will give you all the technical details you need to ensure a seamless migration and a positive end user experience.

The guide will provide you with critical information for each step of the migration process:

Understanding Application Requirements

Planning the Delivery Method

User Management Considerations

Resource Planning

Image & Resource Planning

High-Availability & Disaster Recovery Planning

Replacing EdgeSight

Transition, Validation, & Troubleshooting Process

As you know, a successful migration from Citrix XenApp 6.5 to 7.x brings complexity and many challenges with it. However, it also brings an opportunity to improve the health, resiliency, and overall performance of your application and desktop delivery infrastructure.

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