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Isolate true root cause of Chromebook performance complaints

Goliath Technologies’ purpose-built software, with embedded intelligence and automation, can help IT professionals monitor Google Chromebooks and troubleshoot end user experience issues.

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When end user experience issues are attributed to Google Chromebooks IT professionals don’t have the data to prove that the Google Chromebooks are healthy and not the root cause. Goliath solves this issue by offering a centralized, real-time view of Google Chromebook Health.

Root Cause Analysis

Real-time Data

Goliath also correlates other IT elements that could potentially impact end-user experience including Citrix and/or VMware Horizon and all supporting infrastructure components.

Troubleshooting never looked so easy

By automatically collecting and correlating key metrics, IT can easily isolate and rapidly troubleshoot Google Chromebook issues while providing documented evidence on root cause for further analysis.

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Goliath Technologies allows IT Professionals to gain valuable insight into their end-user experience by providing reports on performance issues, network traffic, bandwidth usage, and more.  By monitoring network bandwidth to assist analytics, clients can effectively locate root-cause performance issues, granting them the data they need to implement permanent-fix solutions.

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