Goliath Changes the Paradigm with Industry-Only User Experience Scoring & Benchmarking

Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1 Delivers Industry-Only User Experience Reporting, Intelligent Sorting, and Powerful Troubleshooting & Remediation Capabilities to Empower Unmatched End User Experience


Philadelphia, PA – May 31, 2023 Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, today announced the launch of Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1, empowering IT to do more with less.

The latest version of the Goliath Performance Monitor introduces significant enhancements to industry-only End User Experience Reporting. Only Goliath’s End User Experience and Logon Duration Scorecards provide IT teams with the data needed to improve end user experience with an objective view of user experience benchmarked against industry best practices. This capability means subjective feedback no longer controls the narrative of how IT is performing. By leveraging these scorecards, IT teams can gain valuable insights into how they can optimize their infrastructure to improve end-user experience and productivity while also reducing support costs.

“Our leadership sees such value in the End User Scorecards that our VP has access to Goliath to run his own scorecards.” – Michael Lindsey, Senior System Engineer/Team Lead – WellSky

In addition to providing insights into end user experience, Scorecards help IT teams quickly identify if issues are widespread or just loud but isolated. Take that a step further with intelligent sorting capabilities introduced in this release, and IT teams can leverage Scorecards to view end user experience by location, department, or other Organizational Units (OU). This makes it easy to track and measure the user experience of groups like remote vs on-site employees. These reports are also designed for communicating to leadership across OUs, tracking end user experience over time, and benchmarking and tracking end user experience during new technology deployments.

“By providing IT teams with an objective view of end-user experience, we are empowering them to make data-driven decisions to optimize their infrastructure,” said Thomas Charlton, CEO, Goliath Technologies. “It’s challenging for IT to defend against subjective feedback, so we equip them with the unbiased truth.”

Goliath recognizes that IT organizations need solutions that provide functionality and efficiency to overcome challenges resulting from lack of budgetary resources and fewer IT specialists. With enhanced visibility into end user experience issues and greater automated and real-time remediation capabilities now available to a wider set of IT support users, Goliath Performance Monitor empowers IT support teams to provide a greater level of end user experience across their organizations. Empowering IT to be proactive as well as providing the necessary tools for fast troubleshooting and remediation are key to reducing mean time to resolution and getting users back to productivity faster.

Goliath is also expanding partnerships with both Citrix and Google to allow more organizations across all verticals to access solutions that meet the changing needs of their environment while maintaining exceptional end user experience. Only Goliath can capture and correlate ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex device metrics along with all other IT elements that can potentially impact end user experience.

“Empowering IT to be proactive has a direct impact on efficiency, which is crucial for IT teams operating with fewer resources,” said Ted Rainey, Head of Product Management at Goliath. “We are intent on continuing to build solutions that empower IT to do more with less and equip them with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional end user experience.”

The Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1 release also includes enhanced troubleshooting and telemetry for both Citrix and VMware Horizon environments, additional out-of-the-box reports and reporting capabilities, and additional features that improve usability.

Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1 is now available.

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