Goliath Technologies Continues Momentum in Healthcare by Delivering Proactive Health IT

Sharp growth driven by proven, industry-only solution for reducing end  user experience issues that impact the clinician’s virtual workspace and access to EHR applications and improves patient care.

Philadelphia, PA – Oct. 8, 2019  Goliath Technologies, the leader in proactive Health IT, today announced it will be showcasing their industry-only, purpose-built EHR modules enabling Health IT professionals to anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent performance issues at the 2019 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Oct 7-9. Goliath Technologies is the only end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting workspace tool that provides an end-to-end view for Cerner customers, is certified in the Epic App Orchard program and validated by MEDITECH and Allscripts customers.

Today, Goliath Technologies is trusted by three of the five largest health systems in the U.S. but has a price and ease of use profile that allows hospitals of all sizes to benefit from the software. They understand the challenges of Health IT and have architected their product and pricing to overcome the fact that Health IT has half the budgets and human resources than their enterprise counterparts to support the same number of users – and patient care is at risk, which heightens the need for proactive solutions.

“We selected Goliath Technologies because their end user experience monitoring, troubleshooting and management solution supports Cerner and identifies systems degrading before clinicians are impacted,” said Mike Nelson, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Services, Universal Health Services. “We do more than 15,000 Cerner application launches per day. This early warning system coupled with enhanced performance data and analysis helps us collaborate with Cerner to resolve issues.”

Goliath Technologies’ platform provides an end-to-end view that enables Health IT to bring end user experience, delivery infrastructure, and EHR application metrics together in a single view to anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent digital workspace experience issues regardless of where their infrastructure, workloads, or clinicians are located. More healthcare providers are turning to Goliath Technologies to meet their clinician’s demand for an always available, high-performing workspace, and ensure strategic Health IT initiatives, such as migration to Windows 10 or upgrading to their latest EHR application, are a success.

“We are excited by our growth in Health IT and pleased with the decision to invest heavily in our Health IT product portfolio years ago,“ said Thomas Charlton, CEO and Chairman, Goliath Technologies. “We know our proactive approach, call it preventative care for Health IT, where our solution looks for issues before they impact end users, is valuable. Our customers using Epic and Cerner consistently tell us they experience less than 30-second logon times, reduce EHR application slowness, and prevent issues before they occur, all driving a better clinician and patient experience.”

In addition to customer success, Goliath Technologies is expanding with new partnerships. IGEL and Goliath Technologies are partnering to improve and simplify the end-to-end clinician experience with our Goliath Technologies’ proactive IT monitoring and troubleshooting alongside IGEL’s central management and control capabilities at the endpoints.

“We are excited to partner with Goliath Technologies, because when our customers invest in the right monitoring and troubleshooting tools upfront, they can gain keen insight and understanding of their users’ experiences immediately after deploying our next-generation OS for cloud workspaces,” said Jed Ayres, CEO, North America and Global CMO for IGEL.

Goliath Technologies and IGEL at the Cerner Health Conference

Goliath Technologies will showcase their proven industry-only software that helps Cerner users have real-time, data-driven conversations to quickly resolve issues and prevent them in the future.

Goliath and IGEL have partnered to help Health IT improve patient care through proactive, fast and secure delivery of clinicians’ digital workspaces and EHR applications. Stop by booth #536 to see how their joint solution can improve and simplify the end-to-end clinician experience for your organization.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies, a leader in proactive IT, transforms IT professionals into IT heroes by helping them proactively resolve issues before end users are impacted. Our monitoring and troubleshooting software for hybrid IT environments use embedded intelligence and automation so any IT professional can anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end user experience issues regardless of where IT workloads or users are located. Customers include Universal Health Services, NorthBay Healthcare, Inspira Health Network, American Airlines, Office Depot, Tech Mahindra, Pacific Life, HCL and others. Learn more about how we empower proactive IT at goliathtechnologies.com.

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