We at Goliath Technologies are excited about our growing relationship with IGEL and our joint customers. Together we are improving and simplifying the end-to-end user experience as the marketplace adopts IGEL software defined endpoints. Our proactive end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting platform works with IGEL, running on a Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructure, to automatically identify any events, conditions, or failure points that impact the workspace experience.

We recently held a joint live webinar with our customer Penn National Insurance who described the value they were getting with our joint solution as they roll out their virtual workspace initiative. IGEL saved them significant cost by empowering them with the next-gen operating system, enabling them to modernize their virtual desktop stack while maintaining legacy hardware and infrastructure components. During the rollout, Penn National’s IT team ran into performance issues and long logon times. Their users were, of course, blaming the latest technology put in place – IGEL. To no fault of IGEL, the deployment was at risk of failing because the perception was the new technology was causing end-user disruption.

The team at Penn National Insurance quickly looked for a solution that could better identify and diagnose exactly what was causing the issues and they found Goliath Technologies. Within hours of deploying, the team was armed with real performance data on the end-user experience and the Citrix delivery infrastructure. This data enabled them to find the root cause of the issues was isolated to network latency at home offices due to larger applications running. The issue had nothing to do with IGEL and the team was able to advise users on how to best work through the issue.

Not only did Penn National Insurance quickly troubleshoot their issues, but they also established a foundation for better monitoring and alerting issues proactively. With Goliath Technologies, they receive an end-to-end view of the Citrix virtual desktop environment, detailed metrics around user experience, and the Citrix delivery infrastructure to better anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent issues. In the words of Penn National Insurance, “Goliath Technologies saved our virtual workspace project.”

We are also excited to be attending the 2019 Cerner Health Conference with IGEL in Kansas City, October 7-9. We will be highlighting our joint value, specifically in healthcare, and how together we can help Health IT drive better patient care.

In today’s healthcare environment, no patient can be cared for without a clinician logging into their digital workspace and accessing their EHR applications (e.g. Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts, etc.). It is critical that, when that clinician logs in, they have fast and reliable access to these and other mission-critical clinical applications. There is no room for downtime or slow logon speeds when clinicians are actively caring for their patients. IGEL and Goliath Technologies address these challenges optimizing the clinician workspace experience.

We know this is just the start to an exciting partnership that will deliver extreme value for our customers and end users. To learn more, register for your free 30 day trial or a custom demo.

IGEL Sales Engineer, Mike Barmonde, explains why IGEL and Goliath are Better Together