Memorial Health System Selects Goliath for XenApp Monitoring


Goliath Technologies’ XenApp Monitoring and Troubleshooting Used by Memorial Health System to Reduce Printer Failures by 90% in their Citrix and MEDITECH Environment


Philadelphia, PA–December 15, 2015–Goliath Technologies’ XenApp Monitoring and Troubleshooting was chosen by Memorial Health System, an Ohio-based network of hospitals and outpatient service sites, to solve an end user experience issue that resulted in a 90% reduction in printer failures.

The IT Operations team at Memorial Health System was dealing with a persistent and costly issue that plagued their end user physicians and healthcare workers – hundreds of printer crashes on a daily basis in their Citrix XenApp and MEDITECH environment.

“Before we had the Goliath for XenApp Monitoring installed, troubleshooting MEDITECH and Citrix XenApp 6.5 was very challenging because we had no Citrix XenApp Monitoring tool”, said Derek Seiber, Systems Administrator at Memorial Health System.

Before turning to Goliath, Derek and the team at Memorial Health System attempted to use two popular enterprise IT performance monitoring solutions to find the root cause of the printer failures and crashes.

The enterprise XenApp Monitoring solutions proved unable to help Memorial’s IT team pinpoint the root cause of the printer failures as they could not provide deep visibility into their Citrix, VMware and MEDITECH environment. Particularly, the enterprise solutions were unable to see key metrics in the Citrix HDX channel, logon duration breakdowns and MEDITECH server performance, which are all critical metrics needed to properly troubleshoot and resolve end user experience issues like printer failures.

Derek continued, “Using Goliath’s XenApp monitoring technology, we have been able to identify the ‘who, what and where’ of performance issues. We even use the data in the product to open up support tasks with MEDITECH, and they, in turn, are able to work with the support staff to determine root cause”.

Memorial’s management team approved Derek’s request to deploy Goliath’s XenApp Monitoring and MEDITECH monitoring because it met their technical criteria and it is the only XenApperformance monitoring solution that has a MEDITECH EMR/EHR module that can be used to troubleshoot and isolate the root cause of MEDITECH performance issues.

“We are now able to send reports and Event log files from Goliath XenApp Performance Monitor to MEDITECH, and they, in turn, are able to work with the support staff to determine what is kicking off some type of issue. This is a great use case and value” said Derek.

Using Goliath XenApp Monitoring and the Goliath MEDITECH monitoring module, Memorial’s IT Operations team determined that the root cause of the printer issues was related to how the print drivers were mapped through the Citrix policies. Once the team deployed the fix action, the printer failures dropped from hundreds per day to under ten.

You can read a full version of the story or see other stories of how our Troubleshooting Services helped other organizations. Goliath offers a fully supported 30-day free trial of Goliath Performance Monitor and the Goliath Performance Monitoring Module for MEDITECH.


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