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Proactive MEDITECH Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Need to troubleshoot & find root cause of MEDITECH and Citrix performance issues to improve end user experience from logon initiation to session launch? The Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH allows you to proactively troubleshoot and fix the root cause of performance issues between MEDITECH and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop before physicians & healthcare workers are affected.

Video: How Goliath Helped Augusta Health Solve MEDITECH Logon and Session Performance Issues by Having Visibility into the Entire Environment
Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH Supports Applications like Magic, Client Server & MEDITECH 6.x Versions.

The Goliath Performance Monitoring Module for MEDITECH is built with input from Healthcare IT teams who deployed Magic, Client Server and MEDITECH 6.x in their Citrix environment in order to proactively troubleshoot and fix end user experience issues that affect physicians and healthcare workers.

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