Seeking an alternative to Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring?

Special Pricing for Dynatrace Customers

Get application monitoring for all of your front-end applications identifying performance issues from the end-user’s perspective and being alerted on it.

With Goliath you can identify how long it takes end users to open any web-based application, perform a transaction, or make any request IT.

Special Pricing program for Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring customers

With Goliath, you can now answer questions around:

  • Are end users experiencing slowness while working within the application?
  • Where are the slow points when a user is working in an application?
  • When did performance degradation start for a user?
  • Is there a trend in user behavior impacting performance?
  • Which transactions in the user’s application are slow?
  • What other activities are occurring during the slow period?

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