Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor Application Performance From End-Users’ Perspectives

By monitoring the front end of any application you are able to identify performance issues from the end user’s perspective and be alerted to it. You can identify how long it takes end users to open any web-based application, perform a transaction, or make any request IT can now answer around:

  • Are end users experiencing slowness while working within the application?
  • Where are the slow points when a user is working in an application?
  • When did performance degradation start for a user?
  • Is there a trend in user behavior impacting performance?
  • Which transactions in the user’s application are slow?
  • What other activities are occurring during the slow period?

Goliath Technologies tests performance and response time for any web-based application, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Know exactly how your business and clinical applications are performing and responding for your users – from any remote location.

IT is alerted if there is any slowness in the actions performed within the application so they can be resolved before end users are impacted.

Clinical Application Monitoring

Technology manages every point of patient care in health systems — from patient admissions and physician rounds to medical records and bed management. And the need for effective performance management solutions is more urgent than ever. See how Goliath can monitor performance and response times as clinicians and medical staff work within their EHR systems:

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