How to Troubleshoot “Citrix is Slow” Complaints and Prove it’s not Citrix

Join Us on Tuesday, April 30th @ 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

IT professionals understand just how difficult it can be to resolve end user complaints that Citrix is slow – especially because the underlying cause usually isn’t Citrix. This webinar will help you untangle the complexity of Citrix troubleshooting by focusing on the three key areas that cause 95% of all end user experience issues:

  • Logon Initiation
  • Logon Duration
  • Session Performance

Join Goliath Technologies as we unpack each of these three critical stages. For each stage, we’ll provide you with common troubleshooting use cases, expert tips and insights, and pitfalls to avoid.

Throughout the webinar, we will answer individual questions to address issues specific to your environment and demonstrate how the Goliath Performance Monitor can provide you with increased visibility and proactive resolution of Citrix slowness complaints.

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