Goliath Technologies’ new MEDITECH 6.0 Application Module provides out of the box, real time dashboard monitoring and threshold-based alerting for proactive administration and seamless access

Philadelphia, PA | April 15, 2014

Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of Proactive IT Operations solutions to monitor, analyze, report, and remediate performance issues in today’s complex virtual server, virtual desktop, and hybrid cloud infrastructures, announced today the release of a new support module for MEDITECH’s EMR.

“As a current customer of Goliath Technologies, we were thrilled when they offered to extend their functionality to provide visibility into MEDITECH,” said Bob Clifton, Technical Manager of Information Systems for Harnett Health System. “Goliath’s alerts, performance graphs, and reports give us the capability to identify issues that could prevent access to MEDITECH’s EMR. In addition, we can share the data from the reports with MEDITECH to help resolve or investigate issues.”

Goliath’s Application Module provides out of the box support for MEDITECH through purpose-built monitoring rules, alerts, dashboards, and reports. Users can trend performance and ensure the availability of key role servers in the MEDITECH infrastructure including background job clients, data repository machines, connection machines, transaction servers, and clients. Goliath also provides the ability to both ensure the uptime and remediate any service failures of the ANP Server, MSO, Event Scheduler, MAST, Document Manager, CSFilerserver, Task, and ISB services, so end users can always execute the necessary transactions.

“Goliath helps administrators make better decisions about MEDITECH’s behavior because we now correlate, in a single view, the end user experience as delivered by the virtual server and desktop infrastructure to the performance of MEDITECH role servers.” said Raja Jadeja, Vice President of Technical Operations for Goliath Technologies. “Systems administrators at the hospital can include the data from Goliath reports when they open a support ticket with MEDITECH to hasten remediation.”

“Goliath Technologies offers products that help ease adoption and ensure the utilization of EMR software by mitigating, through proactive management, many of the infrastructure related deployment and ongoing management issues that can cause healthcare professionals difficulty when using EMR applications,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. “When usability issues arise, the application itself is often blamed, but many times the root cause is found in the supporting delivery infrastructure. We provide complimentary visibility to both healthcare IT professionals and MEDITECH so resolution actions are focused on the appropriate delivery element. This significant value will extend to other applications in the coming Quarters with the release of modules for other EMR systems.”

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies provides proactive systems management software for IT organizations that address the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud. Our solutions are purpose built for these emerging platforms and application delivery methods so they are vastly easier to use with greater functionality than alternative legacy products or point solutions. We communicate with existing enterprise frameworks, network centric solutions, and other IT management tools so we complement and extend existing IT investments with our virtual server and virtual desktop specific functionality. Customers include ADP, UHS, VA, Wyndham Hotels, NASA, Thomson Reuters, Overstock.com, MySpace, and Xerox.

About Harnett Health

Harnett Health is a private, not-for-profit healthcare system based in Dunn, N.C. The system is accredited by The Joint Commission and encompasses a network of facilities throughout Harnett and Johnston counties. It has more than 265 credentialed providers. The system includes Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn, N.C. with 101 beds and Central Harnett Hospital in Lillington, N.C. with 50 private inpatient rooms. Services offered through Harnett Health include outpatient rehab/wellness centers in Benson, N.C., Dunn, N.C., and Lillington, N.C., and cardiac rehabilitation services, a breast care center, outpatient cardiac testing and a wound care center in Dunn, N.C. The healthcare system has six physician practices: Angier Medical Services, Coats Medical Services, Dunn Medical Services, Lillington Medical Services, Harnett OB/GYN, and Premiere Pediatrics. It also has a Foundation focused on fundraising, providing a personal touch for patients with extraordinary needs, and working to expand access to care for our community.

For more information, visit http://www.harnetthealth.org.