The Goliath Logon Simulator ensures a positive Citrix end user experience by proactively alerting on root cause of Citrix logon issues before end users complain  

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 12, 2014 – Goliath Technologies has released the Goliath Logon Simulator for IT Operations teams who want to proactively reduce the time spent reacting to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop logon issues and improve the end user logon experience.

The Goliath Logon Simulator is the IT industry’s only software that ensures an end user’s successful logon by initiating real Citrix sessions designed to continuously validate, in real time, that the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure, including the NetScaler, is functioning properly and that the application was successfully launched by the end user.

The Goliath Logon Simulator provides instant visibility into all applications and desktops being launched and whether they are succeeding, failing, or slow. The Goliath Logon Simulator generates an alert for the Citrix administrator the moment an issue occurs, triggered by the simulated user, not the end user. This allows time to resolve the problem discovered by the Logon Simulator before it becomes an actual end user ticket.

“The Goliath Logon Simulator is the only software that’s built to ensure a positive end user experience by simulating the logon process through the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure, including the NetScaler, to identify and resolve the root cause of logon issues before end users complain about logon failures or slowness,” said Mark Gigliotti, President of XenWinGo. “In the past we did manual testing of logons for our customers in an attempt to be proactive and be ahead of problems. I can now automate these activities.”

Delivering a good end user logon experience for Citrix requires multiple elements in the IT infrastructure to work in concert. The remote connection, the applications and desktop, and individual elements in the application launch process may look fine when monitored or tested separately, but it is the act of executing the integrated launch process by multiple users, including remote access, application availability, and the Citrix delivery infrastructure that uncovers logon failures, performance issues, and application or desktop access issues. The Goliath Logon Simulator incorporates all these elements in the simulation process.

“Our clients challenged us to solve a long standing and well known end user experience problem: logon issues attributed to Citrix. Administrators receive complaints knowing that root cause likely involves one or more components of the underlying delivery infrastructure, however they do not have the tools to troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent it in the future,” said, Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. “We filled this gap in the market with the Goliath Logon Simulator. Now organizations everywhere have the ability to deliver a positive Citrix end user experience by guaranteeing all the elements of the Citrix delivery infrastructure are working in concert before end users attempt to access applications.”

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