Citrix End User Experience

Purpose-Built for Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Goliath’s proactive and purpose-built IT performance monitoring and troubleshooting software gives you, in real-time, a detailed understanding of what end users are experiencing from the time they initiate a logon, through the logon process, and while working in their Citrix session. Goliath delivers true Citrix End User Experience monitoring and troubleshooting that enables IT admins to Be Proactive.

You can use this integrated toolset to proactively monitor and manage the entire Citrix IT delivery infrastructure to easily identify the root cause of performance issues and resolve them before end users complain.

Our integrated software tools allow you to truly understand the end user experience and empowers you to anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve and ultimately prevent Citrix end user performance issues.

The tools include:

Application Availability Monitor for Citrix

Logon Duration Reports & Analysis

ICA/HDX Latency Reports & Analysis

End User Experience & Activity Report

Citrix End-to-End Performance Monitor

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Application Availability Monitor

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor is an early warning system that proactively alerts IT professionals of issues related to Cirtix failure or slowness before the end user ever notices an issue. We follow the same steps a user does to exercise and test the entire virtualized delivery infrastructure. What’s more: we also provide evidence of exactly where and why the issues occurred, unlike other application performance monitoring software.

If there is a logon failure, an administrator will be alerted in real time and be able to pinpoint where the failure occurred. In cases where the logon is simply slow, the administrator can see the breakdown of the logon into each of the stages—including group policy, script, and profile loading—in real time to determine where in the process the slowness occurred. See the Logon Duration Analysis tab for more information.

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product

Logon Duration Analysis

Goliath Performance Monitor is the only technology to provide detailed monitoring and troubleshooting of the 33+ detailed stages of the Citrix logon process. Why are these sub-stages important? By breaking down the major steps into their detailed components, Goliath uncovers and identifies the true root cause of any logon duration issues. This means it’s significantly faster for IT professionals to identify and troubleshoot the underlying problem.

The logon duration report provides a consolidated view of all the users and their respective logon times, including a breakdown of each stage. This allows Citrix administrators to understand which users have experienced a slow logon for troubleshooting purposes. In addition, many Citrix administrators use this to determine if changes in the infrastructure have impacted users.

33+ substages only available from Goliath

Citrix Supporting Infrastructure

The End User Experience Report enables administrators to clearly identify when a Citrix user is having a poor session experience. It does so by correlating five data points into one consolidated view:

The User

location

Applications or desktops launched

Connection speed

ICA latency

Citrix XenServer VM Performance

With this report, administrators can quickly determine if a user experienced Citrix session slowness (as indicated by ICA latency), if the slowness was caused by a slow connection speed, and whether Citrix determined the connection to be slow. So, instead of being caught off guard by calls from frustrated end user complaining about slow Citrix sessions, the administrator can be more proactive, anticipate the issues, and prevent them altogether.

Citrix XenServer VM Performance

End User Activity Report

Goliath’s Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop End User Activity Report gives you a dashboard view into employee or contractor active session time within your Citrix environment. This actual usage audit can help with data-driven decisions around IT budgeting, capacity planning, and utilization.

This report is designed to track user sessions and the length of time spent in a Citrix Published Application, Published Desktop, or Virtual Desktop for every user in your organization. Based on easily customizable date ranges, you can see each users’ number of sessions, the total active time spent during those sessions, and the average amount of time spent per session.

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product

This Citrix End User Experience Monitoring data provides the ability to derive user session productivity by tracking the period of time for which a user’s sessions were actually active. Managers and administrators can then leverage this data and correlate it to business productivity and employee performance or IT capacity and utilization decisions regarding the Citrix infrastructure.

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product

End-to-End Performance Monitoring

The analysis tools, reports, and dashboards that comprise Goliath’s proactive end user experience management solution are tied together with Goliath Performance Monitor. With proactive performance monitoring software in place, you are able to identify IT and Citrix delivery infrastructure issues that may negatively impact end user experience.

Goliath Performance Monitor brings the entire IT environment into one console making it easy to troubleshoot and resolve Citrix end user experience issues by correlating data from disparate systems. This allows for consolidation and simplification of Citrix End User Experience monitoring and troubleshooting with one product. Real-time performance trending of virtual servers, virtual desktops, network elements, databases and even certain EMR or EHR applications gives administrators the ability to correlate end user performance issues with the underlying root cause.

Further, Goliath Performance Monitor is pre-configured with the intelligence to auto discover your IT inventory and monitor for failure points or conditions we know exist that precipitate end user performance issues. To anticipate and prevent downtime or user interruption, Goliath sends real-time alerts via text message, email and other methods. To prevent issues from happening in the first place, thresholds can be set such that you are alerted in time to fix the impending problem, prior to any end user impact. Lastly, Goliath Performance Monitor has the capability to take remediation actions while simultaneously alerting on the failure or condition. By leveraging our remediation functionality, administrators can take actions such as stopping memory leaks, triggering scheduled jobs, restarting applications or servers or executing any script or batch file.

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product


The combination of logon simulation and duration analysis, end user experience reporting and end-to-end performance monitoring for troubleshooting and resolution gives Citrix and IT administrators the ability to proactively manage the Citrix end user experience from end-to-end.

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product
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