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Goliath Application Availability Monitor

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor (GAAM) is an early warning system that proactively alerts IT professionals of issues related to VDI failure or slowness before the end user ever notices an issue. We follow the same steps a user does to exercise and test the entire virtualized delivery infrastructure.  What’s more: we also provide evidence of exactly where and why the issues occurred, unlike other application performance monitoring software.

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor provides incredible value, especially at the price point. This is a subscription-based tool available at $3,500/year per location. That means, for about $300/month you have the equivalent of a full time Citrix Administrator proactively finding issues before your end users are impacted, finding true root cause, and freeing up your IT team for other projects. It’s a real win-win.

Bill Kleyman, Director of Tech Solutions at EPAM Systems

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