The new MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module from Goliath Technologies is the Healthcare IT industry’s first software purpose built to troubleshoot and resolve MEDITECH performance issues.

One of our long standing customers was using the Goliath Performance Monitor in their virtual infrastructure and began experiencing performance issues with their MEDITECH EHR/EMR. Our customer worked with MEDITECH support to troubleshoot and resolve their performance issues, but to no avail. What they discovered is a blind spot where the MEDITECH role servers were concerned, making resolution impossible.

In response, our software architecture and technical teams worked with our customer to build a proactive MEDITECH performance module that has purpose-built monitors, alerts, dashboards, and reports that easily install, right out of the box. They designed the module to provide the same visibility regardless of whether the MEDITECH servers are on-premises or hosted with organizations like Park Place or Dell’s MSite.

Proactive MEDITECH Performance Monitoring

By correlating MEDITECH data, Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop infrastructure, and end user experience metrics, our customer was able to proactively monitor the MEDITECH application and supporting infrastructure in a single console. Then, because the data is in a central location, if there is a performance issue the administrator can easily determine root cause of the issue whether it is infrastructure, Citrix, or MEDITECH related.


The customer, upon deploying Goliath’s MEDITECH Module, was able to send to MEDITECH their support log files, written in MEDITECH code, when they opened up a support task. This data was able to help them fix the issue. In fact, this was so valuable that MEDITECH support began to login to our product to assist in troubleshooting.

Becoming a Proactive Healthcare IT Operations Admin

To truly get proactive, you have to correlate performance data from MEDITECH as well as the underlying Citrix delivery infrastructure, including virtual servers and desktops, in a single console. This broad and deep visibility will allow you to anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and ultimately prevent MEDITECH end user performance issues.

You can get a fully supported free 30-day trial or personal demo of Goliath’s Proactive MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module.