Goliath Performance Monitor

Purpose-Built for Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Goliath Performance Monitor with embedded intelligence and automation enables IT professionals to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document end user experience issues regardless of where IT workloads or users are located.  It focuses on the 3 main areas most likely to cause support tickets to be opened: initiating a logon, the logon process, and in-session performance.  Our technology is designed to proactively alert you to end user experience issues before they happen and if they do give you the data to troubleshoot it quickly. Then, provide you the objective evidence in the form of reports and historical metrics so that proof exists to justify fix actions to prevent future issues.

It is available for CitrixVMwareMicrosoft, Google ChromebookAmazon EC2, and overall infrastructure (both on-premises and cloud).

Troubleshooting End User Experience Issues

Goliath Performance Monitor provides broad and deep visibility that allows you to troubleshoot VDI environments with the most comprehensive performance data available. Now, support teams and administrators can quickly identify where in the delivery infrastructure a problem is occurring and what specific factors are contributing to the issue. This means specific root cause is identified more quickly and problems are resolved with minimal impact on end users. Our tools troubleshoot end user issues in many areas, but we find 95% of issues are found in three areas: session initiation, logon duration, and session performance. Goliath is built to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent these issues:

  • Session Slowness
  • Printing & Profile Issues
  • Session Hangs
  • Slow Logons
  • Application Latency & Crashes
  • Random but Persistent Performance Issues

Monitoring: End To End Visibility

With Goliath Performance Monitor you get complete, proactive, end-to-end visibility into the underlying virtualization delivery infrastructure, including specific details on the end user, not available to native tools. This allows you to quickly pinpoint true root cause for troubleshooting and resolution from an integrated view of the entire virtualization delivery infrastructure – not just one element of it.

Embedded Intelligence & Automation

Goliath IT Operations software includes Embedded Intelligence and Automation that, out of the box, will automatically:

  • Deploy to your IT Infrastructure
  • Monitor over 250 key failure points
  • Provide intelligent alerts on events, conditions and failures
  • Provide options for on-demand remediation of issues

This embedded intelligence tells you what to monitor and how. You don’t have to be a VDI expert to to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex environments. Goliath Performance Monitor has the Virtualization expert included!

Advanced Reporting and Analytics Module

Goliath Performance Monitor includes more than 66 out-of-the-box reports to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent Citrix XenApp performance issues. Customers use these reports to:

  • Identify and troubleshoot end user experience issues
  • Provide objective evidence of root cause to prevent future issues
  • Share data with management or partners to inform business decisions

As individual customer requirements for presentation, analytics, and data correlation may vary greatly, Goliath is adding support for Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau to enable our customers to generate reports and dashboards with all of the flexibility enabled by these platforms.

Self-Healing / Remediation

In addition to the out-of-the box monitoring rules, Goliath empowers users with self-healing and advanced remediation options that take action quickly to restart servers or services as needed when adverse conditions are detected, or thresholds are exceeded.

These actions are triggered by specific faults, events and conditions and execute automatically when these conditions are met to address the issue. Whether it be restarting a service, running a PowerShell script, or even rebooting a server, these are proactive “self-healing” tools that can dramatically decrease time to resolution without waiting for human intervention.

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