Easier Way to Identify & Fix ICA Latency Issues

ICA latency is the time it takes for a package running from the Citrix worker server or virtual desktop to reach the Citrix client running on the endpoint device. For best performance for the end user, ICA latency should be as low as possible. When it becomes high, Citrix administrators can expect to start receiving those vague support calls that “Citrix is slow” and can spend several cycles trying to determine the root cause.

There are several factors that can cause high latency like a bad router or switch, insufficient bandwidth available on the network, or a highly utilized XenApp worker server to name a few. Being able to identify ICA latency as the cause for slow performance is not easy and is not often the first thing that an administrator will check. Sometimes the cause for high ICA latency is beyond the control of the Citrix administrator, but having a tool that is able to identify it is important.