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Ensure Patient Records Are Always Available

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Better patient care requires consistent access to patient records and critical EHR systems (like Cerner) that are delivered over a Citrix infrastructure. When end users report issues, 95% of them involve logon initiation, logon duration or session slowness issues; all of which make patient records inaccessible at critical moments.

Goliath Performance Monitor is purpose-built to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent the true root cause of these issues within your Citrix infrastructure to ensure Cerner is always available when clinicians need to access it.

Goliath Technologies is trusted by Cerner hospitals like UHS, Inspira, and NorthBay to anticipate troubleshoot and resolve end-user experience issues. Want to see how Goliath Performance Monitor helps ensure patient records are always available for hospitals using Cerner? Fill out the form to the right for a personalized demo.

Goliath Performance Monitor is available for purchase through Cerner.

See below for how it works:

Our software is deployed at your hospital’s data center, as well as any user endpoints regardless of location. This gives you the power of real-time performance metrics on the entire virtual desktop delivery infrastructure while simultaneously monitoring clinician end user experience.

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Once deployed, the product provides out-of-the-box thresholds and condition-based alerts notifying IT professionals if the on-premises Citrix or VMware infrastructure is degrading and whether end user experience is at risk. This system enables you to troubleshoot and resolve the issues before clinicians report them by utilizing historical reports and analysis of root cause that allow for permanent fix actions to be put in place preventing future issues from occurring.

The troubleshooting capabilities combined with Cerner’s remote hosting technologies and services, provide healthcare organizations with end-to-end advanced warning of potential end user experience issues, and objective technical evidence of root cause to prevent future issues. This results in faster detection, identification and resolution of these issues before users, or patients, are impacted.

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