Ensure Cerner Applications & Patient Records are Always Available

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If clinicians cannot seamlessly access EHR applications like Cerner, patient care is directly impacted. Our purpose-built software enables healthcare IT to proactively prevent end user experience issues and ensure access to patient critical applications by providing:

  • Broad and deep visibility for root cause analysis
  • Embedded intelligence and automation that frees your team for other projects
  • Objective technical evidence of root cause to prevent future issues
  • A proactive early warning system to ensure Cerner and other applications are always available – – automatically.

Goliath Technologies is available for purchase directly from Cerner.

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Tech Overview

See below for how it works:

Goliath’s software is deployed at the hospital data center, and at user endpoints at different locations. This allows Goliath to offer near real-time performance metrics, while monitoring a clinician’s end user experience at the hospital or other locations.

Once deployed, the product provides out-of-the-box threshold and condition-based alerts to notify IT professionals if the on-premises Citrix or VMware infrastructure is degrading and end user experience is at risk. This enables IT professionals to resolve the issues before end user clinicians and healthcare workers report them. Historical reports and analysis of root cause allow for permanent fix actions to be put into place to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

Goliath Performance Monitor, used at hospitals with Citrix, VMware and Cerner, offers complete visibility into user experience throughout the on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure. Because of this Goliath can:

  • Deliver better than real-time visibility that solves issues before they impact users.
  • Resolve remaining issues that may occur faster and more efficiently.
  • Obtain actionable intelligence that promotes productive collaboration with Cerner.

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