Deliver Great Remote User Experience on Citrix Workspace

When the pandemic hit and everyone went home to work, Citrix was the hero in many IT organizations. Citrix Workspace enabled IT organizations around the world to support their employees, almost overnight, and provide them with consistent, secure, and reliable access to everything they needed to be fully productive while working remotely.

And while it was largely transparent to employees, a lot of work went on behind the scenes to make it happen.

More than 15 different technologies make up the employee experience at most enterprises. And with that, for each remote user, the elements of those touchpoints can vary. Start with the employee themselves — each is unique. They are unique in the way they work, (i.e. do they have audio files running in the background), their device is unique, and if at home, their internet connection and bandwidth are unique. It is not uncommon today to find one household running three or four Zoom calls simultaneously between working parents and children homeschooling. That can negatively impact experience.

Moving beyond the employee and their behavior and environment, you can look next to the datacenter. Here you have Citrix Workspace components, layers of backend systems, and, below that, the hypervisor host layer. Additionally, most organizations are running in a hybrid mode, so some of these elements are on-premises and others are in the cloud.

IT Pros Require Purpose-Built Software to Monitor and Troubleshoot Hybrid Environments

To effectively manage all of this, IT professionals need purpose-built tools that can deliver end-to-end visibility across employee behavior, end-user devices, connection points, and through all technologies in the datacenter. In evaluating software, IT needs to look for solutions that:

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  • Include embedded intelligence and automation that will automatically discover the entire Citrix infrastructure, identify all potential IT elements, conditions, and failure points that impact employee experience, and alert when thresholds around those elements are exceeded. This enables IT to anticipate issues before employees are impacted.
  • Correlates data across all factors that impact employee experience to isolate root cause of performance issues and resolve quickly.
  • Documents real-time and historical employee experience metrics that can be shared with management, vendors, other IT teams, and employees to foster data-driven conversations.

By leveraging purpose-built software to troubleshoot and monitor hybrid environments, IT can proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues, regardless of where users or workloads are located.

About Goliath Technologies, a Citrix Ready Partner

Here at Goliath Technologies, we are passionate about helping IT professionals simplify managing employee experience across hybrid IT environments. The embedded intelligence and automation in our software allows IT to proactively identify and resolve issues before they arise. We do this across all industries but are known as a Health IT Standard. The reason for that is we are the only solution that has healthcare modules for all the major EHR systems (Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH) that correlate data across the EHR system, end-user behavior, and the complete IT delivery stack.

To learn more about why purpose-built software is needed to deliver a seamless employee experience, see this video by Citrix and Goliath.