Read the latest blog from Theresa Miller (CTP, vExpert, MVP) where she takes a closer look at Citrix architecture, and the important areas to monitor when troubleshooting Citrix logon issues.

Citrix architectures can be complex with tons of moving parts. When a user sends a Citrix Logon complaint over the troubleshooting process can take a lot of time due to these complexities.

Theresa explains:

Citrix architecture can be complex and troubleshooting manually can be very time consuming. To ensure that support matters for Citrix login issues can be resolved quickly be sure to implement monitoring and troubleshooting tools that will expedite problem resolution. If Logon Duration is the issue, Goliath Performance Monitor offers a uniquely detailed breakdown of the 33+ stages of the Citrix Logon Process that saves time for your support team and avoids frustration for your users.

Download the guide below to learn how we break down the 33+ stages of the Citrix Logon Process, and how to troubleshoot them!