Troubleshooting With Yemi

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Your IT support tickets don’t tell the whole story about where your users are experiencing slowness.

Are you seeking a way to get a pulse on your users’ overall end-user experience within their virtual workspace?

User apathy often sets in and they no longer report half of the performance and slowness issues they are experiencing in their daily lives.

Join us for a 15-minute session that will enable you to get a quick review of the overall health of your IT delivery infrastructure by automatically discovering all elements and identifying where users may be impacted.

Let Goliath enable you with factual evidence on overall performance factors in your virtual environment and end being dependent on user feedback which is all too often unreliable, incorrect, and subjective.

Yemi Lediju, CCA-V
Yemi Lediju, CCA-VPresales Engineer
Yemi has been a part of several technology projects/ initiatives including IoT, SaaS, virtualization and more. He has experience delivering applications via AWS on top of his thousands of customer interactions. Yemi provides comprehensive knowledge in Hardware/Software engineering, APIs, SAAS, Virtualization, and other technologies. He is passionate about translating real work customer requirements into development objectives.