How to Proactively Test and Confirm Epic & Citrix Availability

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th @ 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

As healthcare IT infrastructure has become more complex and clinicians become more reliant on access to Epic and other critical applications, the costs and impacts of downtime have grown dramatically.  In fact, according to Dan Sitting of the University of Texas, a large hospital may lose as much as $1 Million per hour when their EHR is down!

In this free live webinar, Goliath Technologies will show you an early warning system to proactively confirm application or desktop availability with Epic and Citrix while trying to achieve one goal – ensuring your clinicians have access to the records they need.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily determine root cause of application availability issues, whether it’s a result of the network, the virtualized delivery process, enumeration issues, or the applications themselves.
  • Automatically test real user logins, alert you to availability issues before your clinicians and patients are impacted,
  • Quickly pinpoint true root cause with detailed results and screenshot evidence of the exact failure point.

Throughout the webinar, we’ll explore real-world use cases, provide troubleshooting tips, and identify common pitfalls to avoid in order to stop downtime and ensure patient records are always available.

Not sure you can attend? All registrants will get a link to watch an on-demand version of the webinar after it’s over.