Test & Confirm Citrix Applications & Desktops will Launch When Users Logon 

Always Know First — Before End Users Experience Logon Issues

The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator for Citrix is preemptive simulation & alerting technology that securely resides in the cloud and is offered as a service. The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator initiates a connection to Citrix just like an end user to confirm the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure will work in concert to launch the application or desktop.

You control the logon frequency to test NetScaler, Storefront, Delivery Controller, VDI, and XenApp Server to ensure they work when end users logon. If a Citrix logon fails or is slow, you receive a real-time alert. Out-of-the-box reports document logon success/failures by end user.

Hosted – No Software to Purchase – No Internal Resources Needed

  • No Software Onsite 
  • No Internal Resource or Change Requests
  • Set up in Less than 30 minutes
  • Monthly Fee

Watch this 1-minute Video to See the Logon Simulator Initiating a Real Citrix Session & Confirming Application/Desktop Availability

Benefits of the Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop:

  • Confirm Citrix Applications & Sessions Will Successfully Launch
  • Send Real Time Alerts When Logon Issues Occur
  • Run User Logon Failure/Success Analysis & Reports to Document Citrix Availability
  • The Logon Simulator Technology Resides Securely in the Cloud 


  Get Alerted First if Citrix Isn’t 100% Available

rob-beekmans-goliath-technologies-goliat-hosted-logon-simulator.jpg“Now you can be alerted first if Citrix isn’t 100% available for remote users from any geographical location. The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator doesn’t require software installation or purchase, so in 20 minutes you can begin to confirm Citrix applications and desktops will launch before end users have a problem” Rob Beekmans, Citrix CCE-V, CCEE, CCIA, VMware EUC Champion, VMware vExpert, VCP5 (DT)

Get a 10-day Free Trial or Personal Demo of the Logon Simulator

To get a fully supported 10-day free trial or personal demo of the Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix, scroll up to form on the sidebar, or go here.

Have Questions or Need Help with Citrix Logon Issues?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here to answer your questions and help you work through troubleshooting and fixing Citrix logon issues. Please reach out today:


Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Compatibility

The Goliath Logon Simulator is Citrix Ready Verified to be compatible with:

  • XenApp 4.5 – 7.8
  • XenDesktop 5.6 – 7.8
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