VMware Horizon Application Availability Monitor

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon is an early warning system for VMware VDI professionals, alerting you of issues related to VMware Horizon login failure or slowness before the end user ever notices an issue. What’s more: we also tell you where and why it occurred, unlike other application performance monitoring software.

Not to be confused with a “logon script” or “logon simulation” tool, our Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon attempts to logon exactly as your end users would –click-by-click — to exercise all stages of VMware application or desktop delivery in concert. We provide the only VMware solution that includes documented evidence of logon success or failure.

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor provides incredible value, especially at the price point. This is a subscription-based tool available at $3,500/year per location. That means, for about $300/month you have the equivalent of a full time Citrix Administrator proactively finding issues before your end users are impacted, finding true root cause, and freeing up your IT team for other projects. It’s a real win-win.

Bill Kleyman,

Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems

Continuous Testing

To test application availability, Goliath’s Application Launcher  is placed at remote locations, or in the cloud, and launches to initiate a real user session to wherever the Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructure is located (on-premises or in the cloud). This provides hard data on what will happen when an actual user, remote team member, or clinician, tries to access important data such as patient records. IT professionals are alerted immediately if an issue occurs, and the system provides specific data on where the failure happened.  This allows IT to identify root cause and troubleshoot quickly before actual users are impacted.

Screenshot Evidence

The Goliath Application Launcher encounters the same screens, popups, warnings, and errors that your end users will see when they logon to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and specific applications. Goliath captures each stage of this process, documenting success or failure and any error messages received. This provides actionable intelligence to identify the root cause, as well as evidence that can be shared with team members, stakeholders, or vendors, to troubleshoot issues quickly before users are impacted.

Integrated Troubleshooting

Goliath Application Availability Monitor is fully integrated with the Goliath Performance Monitor, which provides a unified view combining performance metrics for End User Experience, and the underlying Citrix virtualization delivery infrastructure. This is the only IT operations software with purpose-built technology to integrate these data sources to help IT professionals proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues. The Goliath Performance Monitor can integrate data from both synthetic virtual user sessions and real end user data, in both real-time and historic views, to get a complete view of the entire environment, not just a single element.

Centralized Control

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor is designed to be run from end points or locations where you need to confirm access for groups of users – they can be remote offices, other data centers, or vendor sites with critical connections.  Managing and scheduling tests from each location are centrally managed and automated.  Administrators can see what tests will be run, from each location, and manage testing by shift, or by event, and even block out maintenance windows to avoid unnecessary alerts.  All of this is handled from a central, simple interface with no need for scripting or intervention at the end points themselves.

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