Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Hospitals Using Allscripts

Will your doctor’s Allscripts login fail? Not with Goliath. The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for hospitals using Allscripts EHR software is an early warning system for Healthcare IT professionals, alerting you of logon issues related to Allscripts EMR and Allscripts EHR applications before your clinicians reach the hospital.

What’s more: unlike other application performance monitoring software, we monitor the availability of your Allscripts applications, Citrix, VMware, your end users, and more, all from one view. This way, you’ll not only get early warning alerts, but a detailed look at where logon issue root cause truly exists. Since we can be deployed at each of your healthcare facilities/end user locations, we not only show you which system and infrastructure level is causing an issue – we allow you to validate availability at each site/user level for a fully-encompassing look at the health of your environments.

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The Goliath Application Availability Monitor provides incredible value, especially at the price point. This is a subscription-based tool available at $3,500/year per location. That means, for about $300/month you have the equivalent of a full time Citrix Administrator proactively finding issues before your end users are impacted, finding true root cause, and freeing up your IT team for other projects. It’s a real win-win.

Bill Kleyman, Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems
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