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Goliath Technologies Releases New Intelligent Agent for Enterprise IT and Service Providers Offering IaaS, MaaS, DaaS and RIM

Goliath’s new Intelligent Agent allows Enterprise IT teams and Service Providers to monitor remote locations without maintaining an external connection and the ability to execute self-healing remediation actions. 

Philadelphia, PA–November 17, 2015–Goliath Technologies has just released an Intelligent Agent to solve a security and performance monitoring problem faced by enterprise IT Operations teams and Service Providers offering IaaS, MaaS, DaaS and RIM.

Goliath’s new Intelligent Agent has the industry’s first “master agent” capability. This allows any agent at a remote location to be designated a “master agent” which will then collect metrics from other agent and agentless collectors. If a performance threshold is breached, a connection is established back through the firewall to send alert notifications to the central management console.

“I like the ease of management and master agent capability. I can deploy, manage, and update an agent from the central store without having to reboot the endpoint. And, the master agent can collect data and send alert notifications in secure environments where servers cannot maintain an external connection” said Jacob Rutski, Citrix Engineer.

The Intelligent Agent has also been architected for Enterprise IT teams and service providers who offer IaaS, MaaS, DaaS and RIM to handle inbound agent connections to dynamically increase the number of agent connections while supporting strict security requirements.

Additional key features of the Intelligent Agent include the functionality to execute remediation actions on XenApp Servers, XenDesktop VDI, Citrix Role Servers, Infrastructure VMs and endpoints.

The latest version of Goliath Performance Monitor has the new Intelligent Agent to allow enterprise organizations and service providers to consolidate their monitoring servers and dashboards into a single pane of glass.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT Operations software for IT organizations that address the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud. Our solutions are purpose built for these emerging platforms and application delivery methods, so they are vastly easier to use with greater functionality than alternative legacy products or point solutions. We communicate with existing enterprise frameworks, network centric solutions, and other IT management tools so we complement and extend existing IT investments with our virtual server and virtual desktop specific functionality. Customers include Walmart, Facebook, UHS, the VA, ADP, Verizon Wireless and Office Depot.

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