How IT Teams Leverage Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies delivers value for many different teams in your organization. We are passionate about helping IT professionals reduce the professional pain associated with managing hybrid IT environments (includes Citrix or VMware Horizon) along with end-user performance expectations. Our solution impacts team members across IT in multiple ways.

Help Desk

Goliath enables help desk teams to confirm end-user experience issues and route tickets to proper escalation points.
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System Admins

Goliath helps Citrix and VMware Horizon admins proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user performance issues.
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Goliath is leveraged by Architects to integrate end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities into their reference architectures.
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IT Management

Goliath delivers analytics and reports giving IT management the data they need to foster collaboration across all IT teams, vendors, and their business counterparts around the end-user experience.
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Goliath transforms IT organizations from reactive to proactive.
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Read our Client Achievement Stories to learn how Goliath clients proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user performance issues.
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