Goliath Performance Monitor for Microsoft

Goliath monitoring and troubleshooting for Microsoft includes Monitoring for Hyper-V virtual servers, Windows Tablets and Windows Event Log Management. Goliath Performance Monitor allows IT professionals to proactively get ahead of performance issues in order to prevent end user experience issues. If problems do arise, Goliath gives you the tools to quickly troubleshoot them by bringing together and correlating the data from all the different elements of your infrastructure in one central console.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Goliath Performance Monitor allows an administrator to have one console for monitoring the Hyper-V Host, VM’s, Applications, OS, and Hardware. It includes comprehensive alerting on thresholds, events, and faults which allows for proactive management of Hyper-V infrastructure.  You can now improve application availability and eliminate blind spots and false positives, while reducing the complexity of your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment.

    5 layers of visibility

    Windows OS Tablets

    Goliath Windows OS Tablet Performance Monitoring provides visibility into Windows OS Tablet Performance & end user experience while filling performance monitoring gaps in current mobile device management solutions. Goliath for Windows OS Tablets gives you proactive insight into key metrics and conditions that can cause inconsistent performance and negatively impact end user experience.

    Windows OS tablet performance dashboard

    Microsoft Event Logs

    Event Logs contain a treasure trove of information for identifying root-cause and solving some of the most complex technical challenges. However, logs from a single resource alone limit your visibility. Correlating events across multiple components provides the complete visibility needed to fully understand the entire chain of events when trying to find the underlying cause of a complex issue. Furthermore, management of logs both historically and in real-time is important as forensic analyses play an important part in finding root cause. This means that the ideal solution should also include archival capabilities that are efficient and robust.

    Embedded Inteligence & Automation Capabilities