Meet KIP:

The first AI-Powered Citrix Troubleshooting Assistant 

KIP is designed to: 

  • Reduce remediation time 
  • Provide real-time troubleshooting support 
  • Enhance operational use of Goliath platforms 

“KIP is a great tool to assist in resolving user issues found in the Goliath console without having to go searching on Google”

– Kris Davis, Citrix Technical Advocate 

Best End User Experience Management Software

Challenges KIP Solves 

IT teams across all industry verticals face similar resource challenges: 

  • Lack of headcount to handle the workload 
  • Lack of budget 
  • Too few Citrix experts to handle both troubleshooting and strategic initiatives 

KIP changes the game by providing IT teams with the ability to: 

  • Quickly troubleshoot Citrix issues without Citrix-specific expertise 
  • Make up for limited resources such as IT budget and headcount 
  • Empower all levels of the IT Support team to troubleshoot ultimately reducing escalations 
  • Reduce remediation times 

“Goliath already makes troubleshooting faster – KIP AI assistant is an accelerator!”  Denisa Branca, IT Support Manager Leon Chouinard 

“With Goliath’s software in place, we didn’t have to hire more staff to manage our environment, it was like we added a whole team with a single tool.”

Brian Diamond – CEO of LANStatus 

“I recommend Goliath to any other admin that has never used this before. Once you use Goliath, it is going to be your go-to tool for sure. The software is so user friendly and has such detailed metrics that I can resolve sporadic end-user experience issues incredibly quickly and move on to fixing longer term issues.”

Aaron Hilton, System Administrator

Central Maine Hospital