Citrix Cloud Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting2020-09-10T15:14:07-04:00

Citrix Cloud Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Goliath plan for Citrix Cloud empowers IT administrators to take advantage of the benefits of Citrix Cloud without losing visibility into key elements of the Citrix delivery infrastructure. The unique hybrid architecture of Citrix Cloud moves the SQL Database and Citrix Delivery Controller to the cloud while maintaining the majority of the Citrix delivery infrastructure on premises. Goliath will offer visibility into these cloud elements, on premises delivery infrastructure, and end user experience from a single console. No customization or scripting is required!

Citrix Cloud Roadmap

To be proactive and anticipate end user experience issues, an administrator needs visibility into the Citrix delivery infrastructure and end user experience regardless of where the infrastructure elements or users are located. Goliath will offer this flexibility and close monitoring “gaps” which prevent identification of root cause and corresponding remediation. We understand that the Citrix Cloud is utilized in many ways, whether that be for virtual workspaces, a cloud-first strategy, overcoming IT constraints, or maintaining business continuity. Goliath will deliver comprehensive visibility and unlimited functionality regardless of your initiative.

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