Proactively Monitor Citrix Cloud & Cloud Connectors

Citrix Cloud Connector is No Longer a Blind Spot

Goliath’s Citrix Cloud Connector Module automatically discovers your Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, including Citrix Cloud and Cloud Connectors. More than just Citrix Cloud, our module includes embedded intelligence to proactively monitor the Citrix Cloud Connector and automatically alerts you if the cloud connector is down while taking remediation actions to fix issues before users are impacted.

You don’t need to be a Citrix expert or manually leverage scripts because we have the embedded intelligence in the software to automatically monitor for failure points, events, and conditions that can cause end user experience issues and alert you in real-time.

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Citrix Cloud Monitoring

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Goliath Tech Team

Goliath Tech Team

The team members collaborated to bring together this blog post by calling on their past Customer Experiences and Expert Knowledge of Citrix Troubleshooting. Beyond writing technical documents this team supports Goliath Customers and provides product feature and function guidance to development.