DaaS Infrastructure Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Ensure that end users have uninterrupted access to Desktops as a Service or DaaS. Goliath’s DaaS monitoring and DaaS troubleshooting technology has purpose-built functionality to support DaaS infrastructure and end users. A company’s IT organization, the service provider, or both can now be proactive.


Desktops are Moving to the Cloud. Accountability for End Users is Not.

Goliath’s AWS Monitoring solution helps organizations:

  1. Anticipate performance issues to avoid impacting users.
  2. Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly when they do occur.
  3. Document fix actions and foster collaboration with vendors, IT counterparts, management, and end users to prevent future issues.


Goliath’s DaaS monitoring and DaaS troubleshooting solution gives IT the ability to be truly proactive and ensure that end users will have application access before they even attempt to logon. We confirm application availability before users arrive at work and if there is an issue with the logon process or session performance you have, in real-time, the data to troubleshoot the issue. We arm IT with the objective evidence in the form of metrics and reports so a discussion about an interruption event, root cause and corresponding end user impact can take place with facts and hard evidence.

Goliath works with Citrix DaaS and VMware Horizon DaaS as well.

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