Transform End User Experience with Goliath Care Service Offerings

Goliath Care represents an accelerated path to proactively administer, monitor, and support your IT delivery infrastructure and end user experience on Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other delivery platforms. Our senior technical consultants provide the highest level of expertise to guide organizations on how to build a high performing, sustainable IT delivery infrastructure that accelerates business outcomes and drives exceptional end user experience.

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Goliath Care Managed Services

  • Health Checks – Assessments of current configuration, identification of infrastructure limitations, and recommendations for optimization and growth. Health checks are often leveraged before an upgrade or migration to confirm the infrastructure meets or exceeds the technical requirements for a successful project.
  • Monitoring & Management as a Service
    • SaaS Monitoring –This fully hosted service can be either self-managed or a completely managed service where we help you anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues on Citrix, VMware Horizon, and/or the supporting infrastructure.
    • Application and Desktop Availability as a Service – Continually tests business or clinical application availability delivered via Citrix or VMware Horizon.
    • Citrix/Horizon Remote Administration Service – 24/7 comprehensive, remote monitoring of Citrix/Horizon, critical applications, and infrastructure components  along with escalation support.
    • Remote IT Infrastructure Administration & Monitoring Services – 24/7 comprehensive, remote monitoring, and management of entire IT infrastructure and applications along with escalation support.

Goliath Care Consulting Projects for Citrix, VMware & Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)

  • Troubleshooting Services – Assistance isolating and documenting root cause of performance issues and implementing permanent fix solutions.
  • Migration Services – Assessment, design, and delivery of complete migration services to/from Citrix, VMware, or Cloud (AWS, Azure, Citrix Cloud, Google Cloud).
  • Upgrade & Deployment Services – Manage, upgrade, and/or deploy your IT infrastructure elements including but not limited to Citrix, VMware, Microsoft (WVD, Azure, Office 365, etc.), AWS (EC2, Workspaces), Google Cloud, and Goliath Performance Monitor.

Goliath Care Implementation & Training

  • Turnkey Implementation Services – Goliath’s IT Consulting Services team performs the implementation and configuration of the technology, then provides a training and hand off session to you and your staff.
  • Training – Goliath offers 6 training modules within our Goliath Care Training. Download brochure to learn more.
  • Proactive IT Services for Goliath Software– Leverage the full extent of Goliath’s software to be proactive. This weekly or monthly service includes analysis of performance metrics, interpretation review, and reporting.

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