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Cloud Service Ensures Users Can Logon to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop

Know Before Your Users Know – Test & Confirm Citrix Availability

This proactive cloud-based testing service launches your Citrix-delivered applications & desktops to test and confirm they are available for remote users – before your end users even try to access Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop. Then, if the logon fails or is even slow, you will get an alert before end users are impacted. Because, advance warning is better than real time! End user logon experience can be monitored using the real time dashboard and reports can be generated as needed.

The service uses proprietary software that executes the actual process a real user goes through from initiating a connection to launching a Citrix application or desktop. The logon service confirms that the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure will work including NetScaler, Storefront, Delivery Controller, XenDesktop, XenApp, Active Directory, Virtual Server Infrastructure, etc. 



Get Started in 30 Minutes:

  • No Software Onsite
  • No Internal Resource or Change Requests
  • Set Up in Less Than 30 Minutes

Monthly Service Includes:

  • Logons – Scheduled Intervals up to 24/7 
  • Dashboard – Real Time Confirmation of Citrix Logon Duration, Success or Failure
  • Alerts – Real Time Notification of Logon Issues Before End Users are Impacted
  • Reports – On-demand Daily, Weekly and or Monthly Success and Failure Point Analysis

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To Get Started Simply Contact Us:

We provide you with a logon page and you simply input the following information:

  • URL to connect to Citrix environment
  • Citrix account with rights to the application or desktop that needs to be launched
  • Name of the application or desktop that needs to be launched
  • Email address(es) to receive alert notifications and reports

Have Questions or Want to Get Started with the Service?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here for you. Please reach out today:


How a Major Airline Uses the Citrix Application Availability Testing Service.

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