Now Use Your NetScaler for Troubleshooting by Adding Real Time Alerts, Performance Trending, & Unlimited Reports

Gain Full Visibility into Your Environment to Troubleshoot & Resolve End User Experience Issues in Real Time

Goliath for NetScaler is software that leverages Citrix protocols to offer any Citrix NetScaler user real-time performance dashboards, NetScaler performance monitoring, unlimited time frame reports, and threshold-based alerts so you can proactively troubleshoot issues and live-share performance data with your team to rapidly deploy remediation actions. 

Goliath for NetScaler is easy to install and use. Within minutes get the following features:

  • Use Threshold-based Alerting to Anticipate Performance Issues
  • Isolate Root Cause and Troubleshoot Performance Issues
  • Generate Historical Reports without Limitation
  • Scale well beyond Insight Center to 18,000+ transactions/sec
  • Manage all NetScalers from one view



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kyle-davies-goliath-for-netscaler-review“Having the ability to manage an enterprise NetScaler deployment from a single pane of glass is key to operational acceptance in most organizations. With Goliath for Netscaler this is now possible and provides a great way of organizations to monitor, manage and plan their NetScaler designs and deployments. This purpose built platform is highly scalable for use in very large enterprises which further differentiates it from other alternatives..”

– Kyle Davies, Citrix Expert, Atlantis ACE, vExpert 2016

Single Pane of Glass Management


goliath for netscaler single pane of glass view


The infrastructure display of Goliath for NetScaler provides a single pane of glass for IT administrators to view their entire NetScaler deployment, track NetScaler resource utilization across multiple NetScalers, and the load of configured features.

  • NetScaler: Quickly track CPU, disk, memory, and SSL usage
  • NetScaler Hardware & Configuration: CPU Type, NetScaler date of manufacture, serial number, CPU configuration, fan speed, and temperature
  • VPN Virtual Server Activity: Rate of VPN connections and response/request rates
  • AppFlow Policy Traffic: Hits and AppFlow message rates by NetScaler
  • Load Balancing
    • VIP Health & State: Hit rate, active service, and the NetScaler the VIP is assigned to
    • Service Traffic: Active NetScaler, state of the service, request/response rate, throughput and request total
  • Servers: Server, NetScaler directing requests, and the domain
  • GSLB Activity: Current Connections, hits, request/response rate, and NetScaler configured
  • AAA Activity: Authentication failures, successes, authentication rate, sessions, and ICA sessions
  • ICA Connectivity: User and the NetScaler they are connected through
  • Policy Activity: Policy name, NetScaler, and the number of hits
  • Content Switch Activity: NetScaler handling the traffic and hit rate
  • App Firewall: Throughput, request/response rate and response time

Customer Use Cases

Website Team Top 5 Retailer: Alerts, Reports and Analysis

  • Confirm Transaction Completion up to 18,000/second
  • Latency and response time for web pages
  • Pages not loading (4xx errors)
  • Browser faults
  • SAP Owner:Application reports on usage, users, browser, and location
  • XenApp Team:Live Dashboard for troubleshooting to quickly determine:
    • Prove Client side and not Server side with ICA statistics (RTT/JITTER)
    • Unsupported browser
    • Session performance
    • Current, average and historical number of sessions created and usage reports
  • Exchange Administrator:Share live reports to troubleshoot issue
  • Security Team:Report to identify unexpected connections to secure servers
  • CIO:Reports on application usage to identify limited use applications
  • goliath for netscaler infrastructure viewHelp Desk:Alerts on connection errors/Citrix session performance/connection latency
    • NetScaler
    • VIP
    • Server
    • Website
    • Application
  • NetScaler Administrator:
    • Load balancing activity and performance
    • Problematic servers in a VIP


NetScaler Gateway Features

Here are the key features and metrics that are relevant if you are using Citrix NetScaler as a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Gateway:

Monitoring & Troubleshooting:

  • Determine root cause of end user latency from End Point to VDI or XenApp Server by Correlating ICA RTT and Jitter
  • View ICA channel usage within a session to identify the impact user activity has on session performance
  • Provide objective evidence of where the slowness is, especially if it’s not an internal issue
  • Unlimited Historical Reporting on user characteristics/properties like Receiver version, Source IP, OS version
  • Unlimited Historical Reporting on Applications launched, peak usage, session activity
  • Real Time threshold based alerts
  • Live Share—Send a link to the real time dashboard and collaborate with a co-worker

Key Metrics asked for explicitly by customers:

  • ICA Channel Usage
  • ICA RTT – Client & Server
  • Jitter – Client & Server
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Citrix Receiver Version
  • User IP Address
  • Browser Version
  • Applications Launched
    • Name of Published Application
    • Frequency of Use
    • Unique Users
  • Length of session
  • Historical user trends

NetScaler ADC Features

Here are the key features and metrics that are relevant if you are using Citrix NetScaler as an ADC:

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • Transaction activity by VIP
  • Trace the path that a transaction took from source IP to destination
  • Transaction performance
  • Identify failed transactions and cause
  • End User Browser
  • Unlimited time frame historical reporting
  • Real Time threshold based alerts
  • Live Share—Send a link to the real time dashboard and collaborate with a co-worker

Key Metrics asked for explicitly by Customers:

  • Activity by VIP
  • Transaction Response Time
    • The time it took for the transaction to execute. High times may indicate slowness, page load, or content problems
  • Faults by Failure Code
    • Needed in order to understand the types of issues users encounter.
  • Application and Service Metrics (VIP)
    • User’s IP Address
    • Application Usage
    • URL Accessed
    • Historical Usage Trends
    • Web Browser Used
  • NetScaler Activity
    • Transactions per NetScaler
    • Transaction Load Time
    • Server versus NetScaler Traffic
    • Server Load Requests
  • Web Servers
    • Page Latency
    • Number of Connections
    • Pages Viewed
    • Visit Date/Time
    • Transactions Errors – 4xx, 5xx, etc



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