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Citrix NetScaler: Now Get Alerting, Analysis And Reporting

Citrix NetScaler natively broadcasts AppFlow messages. Goliath software translates AppFlow into real time dashboards and historical reports for alerting, analysis, troubleshooting, collaboration, and reporting. Goliath for NetScaler gives you:

  • Citrix User Experience
    • Client and Server RTT
    • Client and Server Jitter
  • XenApp/XenDesk Drilldown
    • Users-Apps-Sessions
  • Application Utilization
    • Per Application
    • Usage Trends
    • Session Performance
  • NetScaler Performance
    • VIP, Activity, Connection
  • Real-time Latency Alerting
    • To Ticketing System
    • To Monitoring Tools
  • Collaboration
    • Share Real-time Dashboards
    • Send Reports & Export Data
  • Web Server Metrics
    • URLs & Page Views
    • Web Browser Used


Better isolate failures and monitor traffic and resource utilization

Prakash ManaBy isolating the user and server-side performance of the NetScaler, Goliath for NetScaler enables IT professionals to better isolate failures and monitor traffic and resource utilization, all while consuming a granular level of actionable information through an easy to comprehend real-time and historical dashboard.

Prakash Mana
 Director of Product Management, Citrix

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Actual Customer Use Cases

  • SAP Owner: Application reports on usage, users, browser, and location
  • XenApp Team: Live Dashboard for troubleshooting to quickly determine:
    • Prove Client side and not Server side with ICA statistics (RTT/JITTER)
    • Unsupported browser
    • Session performance
    • Current, average and historical number of sessions created and usage reports
  • Exchange Administrator: Share live reports to troubleshoot issue  
  • Security Team: Report to identify unexpected connections to secure servers
  • Web Team/Marketing: Reports and Analysis
    • Latency and response time for web pages
    • Pages not loading (4xx errors)
    • Browsers which had faults loading contentGoliath for NetScaler
  • CIO: Reports on application usage to identify limited use applications
  • Help Desk: Alerts on connection errors/Citrix session performance/connection latency
    • NetScaler
    • VIP
    • Server
    • Website
    • Application
  • NetScaler Administrator: 
    • Load balancing activity and performance
    • Problematic servers in a VIP


Trusted by:

  • NASA
  • myspace
  • Sunoco
  • Tradeweb
  • Xerox
  • Cox Communications
  • UHS
  • Suncoast Hospice
  • R.J. Reynolds
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Huntsville Hospital
  • HCL
  • Aerojet
  • CPU Inc.
  • Calor Gas
  • Bemis
  • ADP
  • Wyndham Worldwide
  • Sungard
  • Verizon
  • Bunzl
  • St. Luke's University Health Network
  • US of Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • XenWinGo
  • CDK Global
  • Toshiba

Real-Time Dashboards & Historical Reports from Your NetScaler

Goliath for NetScaler is a purpose-built technology that, combined with your Citrix NetScaler, allows you to view real-time dashboards, live reports, and run historical analysis for management and application owners on critical data related to Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, application utilization and access, NetScaler functions, and server performance.

Additionally, Goliath for NetScaler sends syslog messages to other monitoring solutions, such as other Goliath Products, enterprise frameworks, and business intelligence tools like Splunk and Crystal Reports. This enables system administrators to be even more proactive with their Citrix NetScaler environment by integrating their analysis and reporting into a centralized location. All of these enhancements make it easier and faster for companies of all sizes to optimize their IT environments—helping to ensure a seamless delivery of applications while reducing the number help desk tickets generated by end users.

Goliath for NetScaler features out-of-the-box integration with Citrix NetScaler. The tabs to the right display the metrics you can access using Goliath for NetScaler as well as a list of common use cases.

NetScaler Architecture and Prerequisites

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

  • Citrix Session/Server Latency
  • Citrix Client and Server Jitter
  • Citrix Client and Server RT
  • What Applications are being Accessed
  • Connections To Citrix Storefront & Web Interface
  • When Applications are Launched


  • Citrix User Behavior
    • Unique Users
    • Length of Session
    • Historical User Trends
  • Citrix Utilization
    • Frequency of Use
    • Application Usage
    • Historical User Trends
    • URL Accessed
  • Citrix Access
    • Web Browser Used
    • User IP Address
    • Connection Latency
    • Application Failures

NetScaler Functions

  • Transactions per Citrix NetScaler
  • Citrix NetScaler Cache vs. Server
  • Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing Performance
    • Server vs. Traffic
  • Citrix NetScaler Server Load And Requests


  • Page Latency
  • Number Of Connections
  • Pages Viewed
  • Visit Date/Time
  • 4xx Page Errors
  • Citrix Storefront/Web Interface Latency & Availability