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Performance Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting for Managed Service Providers

Monitor Remote EnvironmentsService Providers are challenged with finding efficient, cost effective, flexible performance monitoring solutions for managing customer environments that consist of constantly changing hybrid infrastructure. Goliath is easy to configure and priced so you can protect your profit margins and build a sustainable business model.

Remote Performance Monitoring

Goliath’s Intelligent Agents make it easy to monitor and manage customer sites remotely. Any agent can be designated as a “Master Agent” at a remote site, behind a firewall, and configured to proactively reach out to the central Goliath server if a condition is met and triggers an alert. There is no need to deploy a separate server or proxy at a remote location. Note: Intelligent Agents utilize less than 0.1% CPU/ 16 MB Memory, click to deploy, and are easy to use.

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One Product, Multiple Uses

Goliath Performance Monitor is a comprehensive performance monitoring solution and service provider software offering out-of-the-box support for VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, and the surrounding infrastructure:

Configuration and Ease of Use

  • No Consulting Services Required from Goliath – Goliath is easy to install and configure allowing Service Providers to start implementing in customer environments
  • Out-of-the-Box Multi-Tenancy – Service Providers can leverage Goliath’s Multi-Tenancy support to manage environments by customer, location, etc.
  • Pre-configured Monitoring Rules – Goliath provides out-of-the-box rules for remote performance monitoring of:
    • Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop
    • Citrix XenServer and VMware Hypervisors
    • Physical Servers
    • Applications
    • Network Devices
  • Automatic Discovery – Once deployed on-premise or at a remote site, our Intelligent Agent (less than 0.1% CPU/ 16 MB Memory) will discover the physical and virtual servers, workstations, network, and storage devices in remote location inventory.
  • Automatic Deployment – Our Intelligent Agent allows you to deploy the Windows Agent to the newly discovered remote inventory with just a few mouse clicks via the Goliath Performance Monitor central console, for deeper application and OS monitoring.
  • Automatic Remediation – Goliath Performance Monitor not only allows you to monitor customer environments, but also provides built-in capability to automatically take action.

Branded Reports and User Interface

End User Experience Report for CitrixGoliath gives Service Providers the ability to tailor certain information to their business and customer environments. With Goliath, you can:

  • Build Custom Reports – Goliath allows Service Providers to build custom reports that includes their company logo
  • Create a White Label UI – Leveraging Goliath APIs, Service Providers can create their own customer facing UI
  • Billing – Service Providers can leverage Goliath for customer usage and billing reports

Visit our Reports & Dashboards page to see more examples of reports.

Whether you are a cloud provider offering software, platform, or infrastructure as a Service, managed service provider, or hosting provider, you will be able to take advantage of the following features:

Intelligent Agents

The “Intelligent Agent” has several unique features that make it worthy of being considered intelligent.

1. Easy to deploy and configure relative to most agents
2. It is able to capture deep diagnostic metrics with little resource utilization, typically only 0.1% CPU / <16MB of Memory / 1MB Footprint
3. The “Master Agent” capability negates the need to distribute servers at remote locations

Master Agent Capability

The “Master Agent”  feature is a subset of the overall Intelligent Agent functionality. This capability is incredibly powerful because it allows the product to monitor and manage remote locations quickly and easily. Any agent can be designated as a “Master Agent” at a remote site, behind a firewall, and configured to proactively reach out to the central Goliath server if a condition is met and triggers an alert. There is no need to deploy a separate server at a remote location to monitor any Syslog, SNMP-enabled device, and VMware or Citrix Virtual Hosts and Virtual Machines. The “Master Agent” still retains the capability to initiate automatic fix actions as with any other agent.

Cloud SDK for API Integration

As cloud providers endeavor to offer a unique user experience to their customers, it has become a requirement to open our application so that providers can take programmatic control of our monitoring technology. This enables our cloud customers to gather the metrics and diagnostic data necessary to populate custom reports and dashboards that have been uniquely designed for their customers.

Multi-Tenancy Support

Goliath has a well documented API that allows MSP or Cloud Providers to integrate the deep metrics, real-time analysis, and alerting of Goliath into an existing Dashboard or create their own branded front end. The API integration further allows service providers to deliver current, historical data, and reports analyzed by Goliath to customers or consolidate it for global reports as you expand to multiple data centers.

Goliath elegantly operates in a service provider environment so that individual or comprehensive views of all customers can be monitored. Customizable group, security, and Watch list settings allow multiple administrators to effectively manage the IT assets and applications in disparate client environments from one screen.

  • Group Assets by Customer: Group physical and virtual hosts, virtual machines, storage, network devices, and desktops by customer or location.
  • Management Views: Customize to control views within our product to show the customer just their environment, while the consultant or service provider can see and manage all customers. Enable executives and account managers to run reports and see dashboards for their specific customers, without the rights to inadvertently change configurations.
  • Apply Security by Role and Customer: Depending on security requirements configure Customer, Engineer, and/or Management access.
  • Remote Management: Often the “tenants” are separated by firewalls; Goliath has the ability monitor those environments without deploying any additional servers or proxies. Agents deployed to those locations can securely connect back to the Goliath central server over an encrypted connection.

Service Provider Licensing

Designed to be consistent with the Service Provider business model, this flexible pricing model enables Service Providers and ISV’s with a hosted offering to license Goliath on a monthly basis with no upfront fee. By leveraging this licensing model, MSPs, cloud, and hosting providers can more effectively scale their licensing needs to match their business growth, while addressing budgetary concerns.

Preconfigured Monitoring Rules

Goliath Performance Monitor comes with hundreds of preconfigured Alert Monitoring rules so that implementation is quick and easy. There are Watches for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Symantec Backup Exec & Endpoint Protection, Citrix, Dell, HP, IIS, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, MySQL, and more. Simply apply these Watch rules to servers and devices, and Goliath Performance Monitor will begin monitoring.

Consolidated Dashboard Status Display

From a single central monitoring server Goliath Performance Monitor scales to monitor thousands of remote servers and devices from a single display. Web based access gives an administrator easy access to a live dashboard, reports, and real-time visibility into an environment to facilitate management tasks and troubleshooting.

Automated Remediation

Goliath Performance Monitor’s intelligent architecture also enables administrators to automate handling of alert issues by providing the capability to specify a response to an alert. By enabling a program to run, administrators can quickly respond to common tasks such as service restarts, and escalate problems by engaging troubleshooting tools and much more.

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