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Our software was initially developed for our early service provider customers who made up the majority of our install base. As the service provider market developed we evolved our technology and pricing to help solve the unique challenges encountered by subscription based technology and services businesses.

Service Provider Businesses we support include:

  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (RIM)
  • Hosted Applications
  • Hosted Workspaces
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Please review our three technologies and the corresponding features that our Service Providers rely upon to proactively manage their businesses. Call us today at 1-(855)-465-4284 for a discussion about how we might help support your business objectives.

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Out-of-the-Box Multi-Tenancy – Service Providers can leverage Goliath’s Multi-Tenancy support to manage environments by customer, location, etc.

Group Assets by Customer – Group physical and virtual hosts, virtual machines, storage, network devices, and desktops by customer or location

Management Views – Customize to control views within our product to show the customer just their environment, while the consultant or service provider can see and manage all customers. Enable executives and account managers to run reports and see dashboards for their specific customers, without the rights to inadvertently change configurations

Apply Security by Role and Customer – Depending on security requirements configure Customer, Engineer, and/or Management access

Branded Reports – Goliath allows Service Providers to build custom reports that includes their company logo

Create a White Label UI – Leveraging Goliath APIs, Service Providers can create their own customer facing UI

Billing – Service Providers can leverage Goliath for customer usage and billing reports

Remote Site/On Premise IT Infrastructure Auto Discovery – Once deployed on-premise or at a remote site, our Intelligent Agent (less than 0.1% CPU/ 16 MB Memory) will discover the physical and virtual servers, workstations, network, and storage devices in remote location inventory

Automatic Deployment – Our Intelligent Agent allows you to deploy the Windows Agent to the newly discovered remote inventory with just a few mouse clicks via the Goliath Performance Monitor central console, for deeper application and OS monitoring

Logon Simulator – Determine application availability and success of launch before your users even begin a session. You’ll be able to easily spot performance issues in the logon sequence no matter where it’s taking place in your infrastructure

Netscaler Analytics – Goliath software translates AppFlow Data from NetScaler into real-time dashboards and historical reports for alerting, analysis, troubleshooting, collaboration, and reporting

Preconfigured Monitoring Rules – You don’t need expert knowledge of Application & Desktop Virtualization. We take the guesswork out of monitoring by including preconfigured rules and alerts, based on best practices, for all the key elements and failure points in the delivery infrastructure

Real-Time Dashboards, Historical Reports, and Daily Health Checks – No scripting or configuration required. Access the real time and historical data you need, right out of the box. Our trending reports will help you anticipate potential issues and our health checks will help you provide objective evidence of root cause to show management and find a permanent resolution

Intelligent Alerting – Improve your remediation times with easily customizable alerts based on thresholds, events, faults, and failures

Proactive Remediation Engine – Execute simultaneous alerts and fix actions automatically or manually. We have out-of-the-box remediation actions for many of the most common problems you might face and it’s easy to customize actions specific to your environment

Remote Monitoring Master Agent – Monitor your remote infrastructure without deploying a separate instance or additional hardware. Our remote location agent initiates connection back to the main monitoring server. Our intelligent agent is low resource and doesn’t need to be rebooted on update

Help Desk Alert Resolution Feature – Let your help desk know exactly what to do when an alert is triggered. You can include specific notes in each type of alert so whoever is at the help desk will perform the standard response sequence

Goliath Performance Monitor

Goliath Performance Monitor provides complete support for monitoring virtual server, virtual desktop and hybrid cloud environments, and provides specialized modules for certain EHR and EMR applications. The technology has been architected from the ground up to help IT administrators anticipate issues before they become problems, troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly and with minimal end user impact when they do occur, and ultimately prevent them from happening in the future.

Goliath for NetScaler

Goliath for NetScaler translates AppFlow into real-time dashboards and historical reports for alerting, analysis, troubleshooting, collaboration, and reporting.


Goliath Logon Simulator

Goliath Logon Simulator is the industry’s only proactive end user experience software that finds the root cause of Citrix logon issues & resolves them before end users complain. The Logon Simulator is the only software available that tests the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure, including the NetScaler, by simulating the exact same steps a user would take during the Citrix logon process.

Allen Adjamian, Alpha ActualManaging our Citrix Infrastructure requires dedicated subject matter experts and technology partners that meet our technical and financial requirements. Goliath Performance Monitor allows us to be even more proactive in our approach to meeting our Service Level Agreements while continuing to grow our business and clients. In our evaluations, we found Goliath Technologies to be a superior product, with responsive support that values our business relationship.

Allen Adjamian
CEO, Alpha Actual

Angie Gleim, PTI We used Goliath’s product in a small virtual server environment, but decided to expand their footprint and replace the legacy product. They now monitor the entire IT infrastructure both physical and virtual environments. As a service provider, we offer remote monitoring services and use Goliath’s remote site management capability as well.

Angie Gleim

VP, Business Operations, Perpetual Technologies, Inc.

Frank JonesWe needed a product that offered the ability to monitor, analyze and report on the performance of XenServer, XenApp and XenDesktop at remote customer sites. Goliath Performance Monitor manages the required virtual server, application, and desktop elements, but the way it is architected to accomplish these elements separates it from the pack. Their Intelligent Agent, for instance, will save hours of setup time because of automated deployment. It also provides extensive data collection; and reporting, remediation, and log management; all essential to meeting our SLA’s.

Frank Jones
President, CPU Inc.