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Top 5 Global Retailer Selects Goliath Technologies to Proactively Manage the NetScaler Application Delivery Controllers that support their eCommerce Website

Goliath Technologies was chosen by a top 5 global retailer to provide needed visibility, performance troubleshooting, and issue alerting of the Citrix Platinum Edition SDX NetScalers which are critical for their online retail operation

Philadelphia, PA–November 24, 2015–Goliath’s IT Analytics for NetScaler was selected by a top 5 global retailer as the only Citrix NetScaler performance monitoring and management solution that could provide critical visibility, historical reporting, real-time dashboards, and threshold based alerts for their complex IT environment that includes 10 Platinum Edition SDX NetScalers.

To provide load balancing for their main eCommerce site, the retailer uses Citrix SDX NetScalers which typically process 4,000 NetScaler requests per second and 10,000 requests during peak times like during Black Friday.

The retailer’s IT Operations team attempted to use NetScaler Insight Center to give upper management visibility and reporting into the environment’s overall performance. Unfortunately, Insight Center could not scale to meet their criteria, leading the retailer to choose Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler.   

“When you have multiple Citrix SDX NetScalers that are load balancing dozens of Virtual IP Addresses that each represent a product category, like groceries and housewares, even a few seconds of downtime can cost thousands of dollars in lost sales. To avoid this, the retailer uses Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler to understand transaction request behavior including performance and response time” said Raja Jadeja, VP of Product Management at Goliath Technologies.

Now, the retailer has full visibility in their environment’s performance and will receive alerts from their NetScaler when conditions occur such as Virtual IP Addresses generating errors, HTTP 404 errors, latency issues, and server errors. This drastically improves time to remediation. 

You can read an expanded version of this story to learn more. For IT Operations Teams interested in testing this technology, Goliath offers a fully supported 30-day free trial of Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler.

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Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT Operations software for IT organizations that addresses the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud. Our solutions are purpose built for these emerging platforms and application delivery methods, so they are vastly easier to use with greater functionality than alternative legacy products or point solutions. We communicate with existing enterprise frameworks, network centric solutions, and other IT management tools so we complement and extend existing IT investments with our virtual server and virtual desktop specific functionality. Customers include Walmart, Facebook, UHS, the VA, ADP, Verizon Wireless and Office Depot.

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