Goliath Performance Monitor for NetScaler2019-05-01T16:28:30-04:00

Netscaler Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Goliath Performance Monitor monitors Citrix NetScaler via Ping to determine uptime and availability, and, in the case with NetScaler VPXs, resource utilization. In future releases, this capability will be enhanced to add visibility from the NitroAPIs which provides information on NetScaler performance, resource usage and health visibility. With this additional functionality, Goliath Performance Monitor will monitor the health and activity of all NetScaler components, including hardware, vServers (VIPs), Services, Servers, Policies, Gateways, GSLB, AAA, App Firewall and Content Switching are aggregated into a single console view. This will provide administrators a global overview of the entire environment that is not available with any other NetScaler management or monitoring technology.

Metrics Available with Goliath Performance Monitor

  • Citrix End User Experience Metrics

  • ICA/HDC Performance

  • Logon Duration

  • vServer (VIPs) Monitoring*

  • Services Monitoring*

  • Policy Monitoring*

*coming soon

  • Gateway Monitoring*

  • Global Services Load Balancing (GSLB) Monitoring*

  • Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) Monitoring*

  • Application Firewall Monitoring*

  • Content Switching Monitoring*

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