Goliath Citrix NetScaler Monitoring Module

Goliath’s industry-only Citrix NetScaler (ADC) Module provides intelligent monitoring of NetScaler health and detects any faults or errors taking place within the context of your Citrix infrastructure. This provides a single pane of glass that displays Citrix topology and populates it with NetScaler alerts, dashboards, and fault analysis reports.

NetScaler Monitoring

 Enables You To:

  • Understand when Citrix NetScaler device resources exceed crucial thresholds (CPU, Memory, Disk) or become unavailable with real-time alerting.
  • View issues and alerts in real time with built-in dashboards and displays.
  • Track historical alerts with on demand and scheduled reporting.
  • See your NetScaler devices within your overall Citrix Topology and quickly see any critical alerts affecting your Citrix infrastructure.
  • Understand when your NetScaler HA pairs failover or fail heartbeat checks.
  • Be alerted on configuration changes, login failures, GSLB sync errors, and more.

What’s Monitored:

Citrix NetScaler Monitoring includes the following health, performance, and security areas:

  • NetScaler device configuration changes
  • CPU, Disk, and Memory usage exceeding high thresholds
  • GSLB MEP flaps and synchronization failures
  • High Availability: secondary device is down/unresponsive, HA state changes from primary to secondary, version mismatches
  • Hard disk errors and IP conflicts
  • Login failures
  • Packet loss
  • An interface, vserver, physical server or service group goes down
  • Power supply failures, restarts


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