“Goliath Performance Monitor was able to identify several issues within my infrastructure and none of them were due to Citrix. After we were able to resolve the issues identified by Goliath, we saw a drop in the number of tier 1 support tickets and, after one month of using the technology, we were able to drop tier 1 support tickets by 25%.” 

– Chad Brisendine, CIO of St. Luke’s University Health Network

The Organization: St. Luke’s University Health Network

The Organization’s Infrastructure: Citrix XenApp, Epic

The Organization’s Performance Monitoring Products: Goliath Performance Monitor, Goliath Epic Module

The Business Challenge: Consistent and Constant Availability

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Ensuring that 9,000+ employees at St. Luke’s who deliver quality care to their patients have a reliable and consistent user experience; coupled with aligning the Citrix delivery infrastructure to St. Luke’s.

The Solution:

Chad Brisendine, CIO at St. Luke’s University Health Network, and his team evaluated multiple monitoring solutions. After contacting Goliath Technologies about their fully-supported, 30-day free trial of the Goliath Performance Monitor (GPM), Chad started collecting data from over 400 Citrix XenApp servers. GPM was set up and configured within 24 hours and Chad immediately started receiving real-time alerts and daily performance reports. What was most important to Chad was that, not only did the daily reports detail errors and faults, they pinpointed where in the infrastructure problems were occurring and their frequency. The first report isolated the root cause to the print drivers on multiple servers, which were installed and configured incorrectly.

Chad and his team then discovered that end users were having trouble launching their published applications. With GPM’s real-time event log display, they found there were several errors stemming from the Web Interface trying to connect to the SQL database.

The errors shown from the real-time dispaly shows the Data Store on the SQL server was unavailable and causing all incoming connections to fail. Chad and his team were then able to restart the SQL server and bring SQL back online, all without having to guess and check each of the role servers in the farm.

The Summary:

Citrix XenApp was being blamed for issues related to print drivers being installed and configured incorrectly. By utilizing Goliath Performance Monitor’s daily reports and real-time alerts and Event Log Management dashboard, Chad was able drop support tickets by 25%.

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