Epic Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting

If clinicians cannot seamlessly access EHR applications like Epic, it directly impacts patient care. Our purpose-built software enables healthcare IT to proactively prevent user experience issues and ensure access to patient critical applications.

Goliath Performance Monitor’s module for hospitals using Epic provides a unified view combining performance metrics for Epic System Pulse, End User Experience, and the underlying Citrix or VMware Horizon virtualization delivery infrastructure. This IT operations software has purpose-built technology that integrates these three data sources to help Healthcare IT proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues.

Many factors external to Epic’s core systems can affect application access, user logon speed, and slowness while using the applications. These areas are key to the end user experience and are often root causes of end user frustration and support requests. Goliath provides the broad visibility and detailed metrics that enable system administrators to easily isolate root cause anywhere in this complex environment. Additionally, the software’s embedded intelligence and automation proactively monitors events, conditions and thresholds that precede end user experience issues and resolve them before users are impacted. This combination of a proactive solution with broad and deep visibility alleviates frustration for end users and system administrators alike. Goliath’s performance monitoring and troubleshooting software with a purpose-built module for Epic is an approved application available in the Epic App Orchard.

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Monitor Epic Hyperspace Application Performance

Quickly test the response time of working within Epic Hyperspace just as your end users would.  See how long it takes under load for your users to access and perform tasks like logging in, navigating to specific forms, creating and editing a patient record, updating billing insurance does, processing insurance claims through a 3rd party, and much more.

Goliath's Application Performance Monitoring for Epic
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