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Allscripts Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Do you wish you could get alerted about end user issues before physicians & healthcare workers are affected? Goliath Technologies’ IT Performance Monitoring for Allscripts was built with input from hospitals who deployed Sunrise and Touchworks in their Citrix environment and needed a proactive troubleshooting and remediation solution to fix end user experience issues before physicians and healthcare workers were affected.

Goliath Technologies’ proactive IT Performance Monitoring for Allscripts is Healthcare IT’s only software that correlates end user experience metrics, Allscripts, and Citrix performance data to give you a single view into the root cause of Allscripts performance issues. The GoliathIT Performance Monitoring for Allscripts supports Sunrise & Touchworks.

To truly get proactive, the Goliath Performance Monitoring Module for Allscripts is purpose-built to give you broad and deep visibility so you can anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and ultimately prevent Allscripts end user performance issues.

While you’re at it check out the early warning system that alerts you of logon issues related to Allscripts EMR and Allscripts EHR applications before your clinicians reach the hospital.

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Monitor Allscripts Application Performance

Quickly test the response time of working within Allscripts just as your end users would.  See how long it takes under load for your users to access and perform tasks like logging in, navigating to specific forms, creating and editing a patient record, updating billing insurance does, processing insurance claims through a 3rd party, and much more.

Goliath's Application Performance Monitoring for Allscripts
Reduce barriers to accessing Allscripts and reduce logon times
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