Goliath Technologies’ McKesson Performance Monitoring Module brings together end user experience, McKesson application metrics, and IT infrastructure data into a single view. This reduces downtime and IT support costs and ultimately ensures that doctors can seamlessly access critical patient information without delay.

PHILADELPHIA, PA– September 30, 2014– Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of Proactive IT Operations software, announced today the release of an industry-first performance monitoring module for Healthcare IT professionals who deploy McKesson’s HIS and EHR software, like Paragon and Horizon.

“We are a McKesson hospital and our main focus is driving a stellar user experience for our team of healthcare professionals, without increasing IT Operations costs. By using Goliath’s McKesson Performance Monitoring Module, our Internal Quality of Service Rating jumped 17%, giving us a 93% approval rating,” said Val King, CIO of Val Verde Regional Medical Center.

“Additionally, we were able to drop the cost of Level I support tickets by 98%, from $22 to $0.50 per ticket, by automating certain remediation sequences. Overall, we are improving patient care by giving physicians and healthcare workers access to patient records without delay. This keeps IT behind the curtain where it should be,” said King.

Goliath’s McKesson Performance Monitoring Module takes a holistic approach to the prevention of IT performance issues by giving Healthcare IT professionals innovative software that helps them rapidly diagnose HIS and EHR application performance issues and take remediation actions before end users are impacted.

This is accomplished by correlating McKesson, Citrix, and VMware performance metrics with end user experience data in one console. In addition, the software is embedded with platform- and application-specific intelligence that automatically monitors for failure points and then alerts to trending issues so IT professionals have time to react.

“When McKesson application issues do arise, the application itself is often blamed, but often the root cause is found in the supporting IT delivery infrastructure,” said Raja Jadeja, VP of Product Management. “Our McKesson Performance Monitoring Module ends the finger pointing by providing a single view into McKesson, Citrix, VMware, and the rest of the supporting virtual and physical infrastructure. This allows Healthcare IT professionals to objectively identify the root cause of an issue and focus resolution actions on the appropriate application delivery element.”

“Anyone who has ever been in a hospital or clinic where the physician or healthcare staff struggles with an application they are using to access patient information knows how frustrating and uncomfortable it is for all parties. Our software offers a material reduction in these occurrences because it is HIS and EHR application-specific and proactive in nature,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technology. “Though our technology is behind the scenes, our focus, as we continue to enhance our technology, is to support improved patient outcomes.”

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Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT Operations software that addresses the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our solutions are purpose built for these emerging platforms and application delivery methods and are vastly easier to use with greater functionality than alternative legacy products or point solutions.

We communicate with existing enterprise frameworks, network-centric solutions, and other IT management tools so we complement and extend existing IT investments with our virtual server and virtual desktop specific functionality. Goliath’s clients include ADP, UHS, The VA, KPMG, Verizon Wireless, NASA, Thomson Reuters, and Xerox.

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