Philadelphia, PA – August 25, 2011

New monitoring capability offers a unique and comprehensive approach to monitoring virtual environments

Goliath Technologies announced today enhancements to its flagship monitoring product MonitorIT making it one of the only truly comprehensive monitoring solutions in the market today. This is the first of several enhancements that will ultimately provide a full suite of virtual infrastructure monitoring products for all types of virtual environments including XenApp, XenDesktop, VMware and Hyper-V. MonitorIT redefines the term comprehensive monitoring with the release of this functionality because it offers several key features in addition to the capability of monitoring the entire physical infrastructure including networks, applications, desktops and physical servers.

New Enhancements Include:

  • XenCenter Plug-in that allows the entire physical and virtual infrastructure to be monitored from a single console or XenCenter
  • Hypervisor API integration that captures key metrics about the performance of the host and virtual machines without the use of agents
  • Intelligent agents that are easy to deploy and have very low resource utilization so that an agent can be easily deployed to a virtual machine to capture deep diagnostic data on applications, not available through the hypervisor.[/unordered_list]

“System administrators are often in a tough spot when attempting to monitor virtual environments. There are some solutions that are easy to deploy but are limited to only those metrics that the hypervisor captures. If granular diagnostic data is required from the virtual machines or those applications running on a guest then an agent is the obvious solution. The problem is that most agents are difficult to deploy and resource intensive, said Thomas Charlton Chairman, Goliath Technologies. Our integration with the hypervisor, along with the “intelligent agent” and the ability to monitor the entire physical infrastructure gives the IT professional ultimate control, flexibility and visibility. Without the use of agents and physical infrastructure monitoring the IT administrator can receive false positives. Meaning that while the hypervisor is giving no indication of a performance issue with the host or virtual machines the application may be down. In this situation the end user alerts the IT administrator and that is less than optimal.

“I designed intelligent agents to be very easy to deploy and use limited resources, less than .1% CPU or memory. Consequently my customers have been deploying agents on virtual servers for years but with the added flexibility of deploying them to physical elements which impact the virtual environment. Now, by collecting the metrics from the hypervisor we give our customers the flexibility of using either approach. And, with our XenCenter plug in they can monitor the entire infrastructure-both physical and virtual-from one screen,” said Floyd Roberts, CTO & VP Development of MonitorIT Products.

“As our virtual server count passed 400, we knew we needed a monitoring solution that would give us deep visibility into our virtual servers and the performance of the applications in that environment. The difficulty was that there were a number of new monitoring solutions that, while able to capture metrics from the hypervisors, didn’t monitor the physical environment. Conversely, many mature products have been slow to react to the virtualization trend and consequently didn’t do a good job monitoring the virtual server environment. In both cases “blind spots” and gaps in visibility would cause us to risk downtime,” said Donna Grare, VP of Technology Operations at PHD Virtual. “We selected Goliath Technologies’ monitoring solution because of the specific capability to monitor both our large virtual server environment and our physical infrastructure. The simple fact is that the physical infrastructure can impact the performance of the virtual environment and the applications hosted there. To monitor one without the other results in unnecessary risk, which a product like MonitorIT from Goliath Technologies can help mitigate.”

The Monitor IT product installs quickly allowing the customer to Monitor in Minutes. There are hundreds of preconfigured watches that enable the user to automatically deploy watches to capture data from all elements of the physical and virtual infrastructure. Download a free trial of the product today at


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