The new XenServer 6.1 enhancements improve Goliath’s performance monitoring, reporting, and analysis capabilities

Philadelphia, PA – November 01, 2012

Goliath Technologies announced today that they have enhanced their market leading performance monitoring and reporting product MonitorIT with additional functionality that leverages the new capabilities of Citrix XenServer 6.1. The monitoring product from Goliath Technologies provides more visibility and control than any other product in the market. The combination of agentless and agent based approaches allows the user to monitor not only the virtual host and machines, but also the applications that reside on the guests. Other agentless monitoring products cannot provide that visibility into application performance. Conversely, most agent based products are too resource intensive to use in a virtual environment.

“Multiple hypervisors in one data center are becoming the norm. We see more of Citrix XenServer being deployed, both free and paid versions, in production environments which drives the need for management tools. Many of these virtual environments previously only had VMware, so there is an increasing requirement for cross hypervisor capability. The MonitorIT product already allows the virtualization specialist to manage both environments from one central console. Now, with the enhancements in XenServer 6.1 we can pull similar metrics from both hypervisors, which has been a consistent request from our customers”. Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies

“XenServer is gaining significant traction in the datacenter as the hypervisor of choice in cloud and virtual desktop deployments. As XenServer 6.1 advances our optimizations for these critical next-generation workloads, it is more important than ever that users have access to the right tools to monitor performance. Partners like Goliath provide an important part of the solution set with MonitorIT by offering needed visibility at the host and application layer.” Tom McCafferty, Senior Director of Product Marketing for XenServer

“With the XenServer 6.1 release, Citrix has added a number of really important Hypervisor API enhancements we now use to deliver great performance insight to administrators. We have always had the ability to gather CPU, Memory, and Disk performance, but now we have the ability to trend CPU wait times, host memory reclamation rate, storage latency, IOPS, and I/O wait times, which will especially help XenServer administrators to quickly identify bottlenecks in their virtual infrastructures,” said Raja Jadeja, Director of Technical Operations at Goliath Technologies. He continued, “This will simply allow us to gather more data and ultimately provide our customers with better visibility into the health and performance of their hosts, virtual machines, and applications.“

About Goliath Technologies 

Goliath Technologies is focused on systems management software for IT organizations that address the evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. These hybrid environments require solutions that are scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Many legacy technologies are difficult to deploy and expensive to maintain and, as a result, are not well suited for this new paradigm. Inexpensive or free technologies, though easy to deploy and use, lack enterprise functionality and scalability. Both are slow to add features that are required to support physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. At Goliath, we provide products that fill this gap with the right combination of scalability and functionality at a reasonable cost that embrace the complexities of virtualization and cloud computing. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, our software is used by customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, MindShift, Thomson Reuters and Shell. Learn more today at