The latest release of HyperThetical for NetScaler® adds proactive analysis and reporting of powerful XenApp® and XenDesktop® session information flowing through Citrix NetScaler®.

Philadelphia, PA | Oct 23, 2013

Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of proactive solutions to fully monitor, analyze, report and remediate performance issues in today’s complex hybrid technology environment, announced today a new release of the market-leading analysis and reporting tool for Citrix NetScaler® – HyperThetical for NetScaler®.

“Citrix continues to evolve NetScaler® functionality resulting in the latest version of the appliance supporting powerful VDI session information,” said Rob Patterson, Vice President of Marketing for Goliath Technologies. “With more data flowing through the NetScaler® from a wider array of sources the more need there is for system administrators to have access to a powerful tool to help them quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues with virtual desktops and other mission critical applications.”

HyperThetical for NetScaler® is the only purpose analysis tool for NetScaler® that collects the raw AppFlow data, transforms it into visual information that is easily consumable and generates collaborative reports containing key performance metrics from across the NetScaler® ecosystem. The new HyperThetical for NetScaler® builds on its industry leading analytic and reporting capabilities by now delivering both real-time and historical analysis and reporting of XenApp® and XenDesktop® session information available in NetScaler® 10.1 via HDX Insight. This information is presented alongside URL, server, VIP, network and other device performance metrics making it easier and faster for IT to fully understand ICA latency, network jitter, server utilization and application performance all from one screen. Additionally, HyperThetical for NetScaler® can now share information via syslog messages with other enterprise morning tools, ticketing systems and frameworks. This proactive insight further enables better, more informed system optimization decisions by IT which continues to help ensure an uninterrupted application experience for end-users.

“Having such a large remote workforce accessing a variety of applications, including Outlook®, makes it a necessity to have actionable insight into the performance of our NetScaler® ecosystem,” stated an Enterprise NetScaler® Manager at Cox Communication. “HyperThetical for NetScaler® cracks the elusive black box of data which flows through NetScaler® giving our team the actionable intelligence we need to help ensure a seamless delivery of applications to our users.”

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