Hospitals do not close and EHR applications do not go to sleep at night – which presents a continuous problem and challenge that Healthcare IT teams must solve. And what keeps everyone from the CIO to the System Administrators up at night?

It’s managing the applications, infrastructure, and end user experience that allow physicians and healthcare workers to deliver patient care around the clock.

For those reasons, Augusta Health, a Community Hospital with 4,000 MEDITECH users and 255 physicians agreed to give a view into their data center to show how they proactively manage MEDITECH, Citrix, VMware, and the underlying infrastructure.

MEDITECH, Citrix & VMware Performance Data in a Single View

In this upcoming free live webinar, Mike Tremel, Augusta Health’s Sr. Systems Engineer, will show how he uses Healthcare ITs only technology that correlates, in a single view, MEDITECH, Citrix and VMware to proactively monitor and manage the entire end user experience.

You will get a comprehensive view of the application and delivery infrastructure and you will see how this technology’s built remediation functionality enables Augusta to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and resolve end user performance issues, ultimately delivering better patient care.

To register now for this free live webinar, please go here. And if you have a question about the webinar or the proactive EHR performance monitoring technology that will be shown, please leave a comment or tweet at us now.

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