VMblog Video from IGEL DISRUPT: Purpose-Built Tools for Troubleshooting End-User Performance is a Must in 2020

Author: Stacy Leidwinger, CMO, Goliath Technologies

At IGEL DISRUPT this week, Gartner’s Mark Lockwood told the audience “everyone needs to invest in end-user performance monitoring in 2020.” I couldn’t agree more! Based on the conversations we had at the Goliath booth, many organizations agree that without a purpose-built tool to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user performance issues, no tangible digital workspace project can be effective. After all, end users are subjective, and without factual performance metrics as IT professionals you are only left with opinions, not facts, about the end-user experience.

We see this occurring heavily in the healthcare space. Health systems work with 50% the amount of budgets and staff as their enterprise IT counterparts, all while having patient care on the line. The pressure to do more with less and deliver seamless access and use of clinical applications and workspaces makes it imperative that they quickly and effectively find solutions to isolate root cause of slow logons, poor session performance, or applications dropping. The combination of Goliath’s embedded intelligence, automation, and purpose-built modules for all major EHR systems (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and MEDITECH) ensures that health systems can not only troubleshoot end-user performance issues when they arise, but also anticipate issues and prevent them before end users are impacted.

Check out the interview I did live at IGEL DISRUPT with VMblog, talking all about Goliath’s partnership with IGEL, stronghold in healthcare, and our passion for helping IT Pros to alleviate their professional pain in managing hybrid IT environments and the end-user experience.

View video interview here!